Honda Rearview Report: March 1 - March 7, 2014

This week we broke ground on a new hydrogen refueling station on our Torrance, California campus with a Honda-developed fast-fill protocol, as we prepare for the launch of the new Honda fuel cell electric vehicle coming in 2015.

In the coming weeks, we also will open our innovative Honda Smart Home project at UC Davis, where we are looking at ways to radically reduce the CO2 emissions of home living and daily driving.

These are both great examples of how Honda is thinking and acting to grow the appeal of alternative-fuel vehicles and to address broadly the challenge of realizing our dream for a low-carbon future. It’s a wonderful challenge and a great race to be running—one where no matter who is leading at any given moment, the customer and society are always winning. Of course, we like it best when Honda is in the lead.

Steve Center
Vice President
Environmental Business Development Office


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