Honda Rearview Report: April 19 - April 25, 2014

"We just reached a significant purchasing milestone in North America that has been more than three decades in the making, with $300 billion in parts and materials purchased from more than 650 suppliers in this region. And in 2013 alone, with record production of more than 1.78 million automobiles in North America, our parts purchases in the region exceeded $25.5 billion, also the most ever.

This tremendous growth in our North American purchasing efforts is a true reflection of the important role our U.S. sales, manufacturing and R&D operations are playing in Honda’s global business. And it speaks to the key role our suppliers play in our success. Our operations in North America have long held the responsibility to launch the many light truck models that are developed and built exclusively here. Over the next three years, we will further advance our collaboration with suppliers as we lead the development and production for key global models, such as the Honda Civic, the Acura NSX and a few other models.

With significant growth in our production over the next three years, driven by heavy new model activity in North America, Honda will continue to collaborate with our outstanding team of suppliers to deliver leading edge technologies and the highest quality products to our customers."

Tom Lake
Vice President
Honda North America, Inc.


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