1988 Acura Legend Transmissions

The Legend automatic and 5-speed manual transmission are designed for driving performance with positive gear engagement, properly placed shift levers and gear ratios tailored to the engine's power band. The standard 5-speed manual transmission is mated to a self-adjusting, hydraulically operated clutch.

Optionally available is an electronic dual-mode 4-speed automatic transmission with lockup torque converter and driver-selectable Sports mode. The regular, or "D," mode provides smooth, positive gear engagement of the carefully selected gear ratios. A lockup torque converter is available in second, third and fourth gears and while decelerating, providing excellent fuel economy. Torque converter lockup occurs automatically to eliminate slippage for more efficient operation.

When the driver selects the Sport, or "S3," mode, the transmission will shift at higher rpm (at partial thrott1e openings) in first, second and third gears -- thus providing for quicker acceleration. Pressing the console-mounted "S4" button allows the transmission to shift to fourth gear while the sport mode is in use. Torque converter lockup is available in the S4 mode. The Sport mode is useful in driving on winding roads, on long steep grades, or while towing.

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