1992 Acura Integra Introduced

The Acura Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announces a number of improvements for the 1992 model year 3-door and 4-door Integra. Subtle styling changes, at the front and rear of all models, enhance the sophisticated, sporty look of the Integra sports sedans. A refined interior, with a new 4-spoke steering wheel, further establishes the Integra as a true driver's car. A new hydraulic engine mount helps to make the Integra even smoother. Revisions in the already impressive engine have resulted in a 10-horsepower gain, with greater torque throughout the engine's operating range.

The 1992 Acura Integra engine boasts an all-alumintim, dual overhead camshaft, 4- valve-per-cylinder design. It produces 140 hp at 6300 rpm and 1261bs-ft of torque at 5000 rpm from its 1.8-liter displacement. Fuel delivery is by way of a Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system. An advanced, electronic engine control computer monitors seven vital engine functions and precisely meters the amount of fuel needed for the given operating conditions. The computer constantly adjusts the air/fuel ratio in response to changing ambient conditions such as temperature or elevation.

The Integra is available with a standard 5-speed manual or optional4-speed automatic transmission. The 5-speed incorporates a number offeatures that enhance shift quality and shift feel. The gearset uses large synchromesh gears for easy engagement and smooth operation. Also, a rod-actuated shift linkage provides positive, precise shifting.

The optional dual-mode 4-speed automatic transmission features an advanced design that allows the driver to select the Sport (S3) mode for more responsive performance, or the normal (D) mode for greater efficiency.

The fully independent, double-wishbone suspension offers a balanced blend of performance and sophistication. The front suspension is an upper and lower control arm design with coil springs. An anti-dive geometry enhances stability under braking. The rear suspension is also an upper and lower control arm design with coil springs but it also features a trailing arm for positive fore/aft location. The rear geometry is designed to help keep the tire perpendicular to the road under dynamic conditions to help improve cornering power.

Steering is by means of a variable power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system. Sensors monitor road speed and automatically modulate the amount of power assist.

All Integra models are equipped with All-Season 195/60 R14 tires. The LS and GS 4- door models are equipped with Michelin XGT-H4 195/60 R14 85H tires and the GS 3-door model features Michelin XGT-V4 P195/60 R14 85V tires.

All Integra models feature a powerful four-wheel disc brake system. The system uses 10.3 in. internally ventilated discs at the front and 9.4 in. solid discs at the rear. Additionally, GS models are equipped with a Honda-designed Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

As in 1991, an Ivory or Black leather interior is available in 3-door and 4-door Flint Black GS models.

Like all Acura automobiles, the Integra is covered by a 3-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty.

The Acura Division of American Honda offers a range ofperformance/luxury automobiles that includes the NSX, the Legend Sedan and Coupe, the Vigor, and the Integra 3- and 4-door sports sedans.

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