1995 Acura Automobiles- New Feature Highlights


  • Changes to the 1995 Acura NSX will be announced early January, 1995.


  • Two new colors have been added to the 1995 Legend.


In addition to updates of the Integra RS, LS and GS-R Sports Coupe and
Sports Sedan trim levels, the Integra line is joined by a Special Edition
model which offers a more luxury-oriented Integra.

  • Special Edition (Sports Coupe and Sports Sedan) includes the following
    • Leather-trimmed interior
    • 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels
    • Michelin, all-season, high-performance 195/55R15 XGT-V4 tires
    • GS-R front stabilizer bar for enhanced handling and stability
    • Body-colored side mouldings
    • Rear spoiler for a more sporty appearance (Coupe)
    • Simulated wood in the center console for a more luxurious feel (Sedan)
    • "Special Edition" emblem
  • GS-R Sports Sedan and Sports Coupe: now available with leather-trimmed
    interior for more comfortable/luxurious seating.
  • LS Sports Sedan: now features a power moonroof as standard equipment.


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