1996 Acura SLX- Body and Interior


The rugged yet elegant body of the SLX has been designed and engineered to provide a comfortable, spacious seating area, an authoritative driving position, ease of entry and exit, excellent visibility, best-in-class cargo capacity and a luxurious, luxury-sedan-like interior ambience. The lines of the SLX are strong and masculine, yet with the kind of tasteful elegance that feels as at home in the Anza-Borrego back roads as it is in the urban canyons of Manhattan.

Precise Fit and Finish

The SLX is painstakingly engineered and assembled to have a level of fit and finish second to none in the luxury sport utility category. Panels are designed to fit closely together, without excessivegaps or mismatching.


The tall, spacious greenhouse is designed to give the driver and passengers a commanding, panoramic view of the surroundings. The drivers front, side and rear views are largely unobstructed, with slim, but highly rigid roof pillars. A bronzetinted windshield band helps to prevent glare. The SLX with the optional Premium Package even offers an expansive view above; the safari-sized moonroof included in the package is over five square feet in area, giving both front and rear seat passengers a breathtaking view. Privacy glass is used in the moonroof, along with a sliding sun shade.

Paint Process and Corrosion Resistance

Every outer panel in the SLX has been either hot-dipped in zinc alloy or electrogalvanized on both sides. Outer panels are protected by a nine-step paint and coating process; five layers are used on the outer surface, and four layers protect the inner surfaces and under-chassis sheet steel components. The outer finish starts with a zinc-phosphate coating, followed by a high-build-type E-coat primer, a urethane paint surfacer, a color base coat and an acrylic melanine base clear coat system. Hidden surfaces are coated with the zinc phosphate, followed by a E-coat primer, a PCV SOL undercoat and an anti-corrosion, petroleum-based wax. A chip-resistant rocker panel coating prevents damage from flying stones, and overfenders, with rocker sills and integral front and rear splash guards, help to protect the SLX finish while they add an air of rugged capability.

Cargo Capacity

With a generous 46.3 cubic feet of seat-up rear cargo area, the SLX offers best-in-class hauling capacity. With the rear seats conveniently folded, there's an impressive 90.2 square feet of available cargo space, due in part to the rear-door-mounted spare tire. The split rear seats fold down separately for added versatility, and a hidden storage compartement under the rear seats give extra security for important possessions.

70/30 Rear Doors

The rear door of the SLX is composed of two sepearte, vertically hinged panels. The two-piece door is easier to open than a tailgate-type rear door, gives improved access in tight parking situations and provides quick, easy access to the cargo area. This design allows minmum "lift-over" debth, adding greatly to the utility and convenience of the SLX. A rear defogger and wiper/washer assembly are standard. An integrated rear air deflector over the rear door helps to prevent buildup of dirt and dust on the rear window during off-road driving.

Power Fold-In Outside Mirrors

The outer mirrors of the SLX with the optional Premium Package can be folded back at the touch of a button. This feature was originally intended for use in extremely tight off-road situations, such as maneuvering between tightly speaced trees or boulders. It is also very convenient in normal city driving and can be used at toll booths, ATM machines or drive-up windows to make reaching more convenient.



The SLX features a spacious, highly ergonomic interior designed to enhance occupant comfon and convenience.It intended to represent the perfect mix between rugged, practical utility and a tasteful, luxury oriented ambience. Every operating system is optimized for ease of use, and every passenger has been given ample space for long-term comfon and an overall feeling of freedom.


A rugged, comfortable moquette fabric interior is equipment on the SLX.A leather-trimmed interior is included in the optional Premium Package,along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and wood-grain trim on the door panels and dashboard. High-quality cut-pile carpeting is used throughout the SLX interior.


The SLXis designed to accommodate 5 adults with ease and in complete comfort. Front passengers are treated to high-back, multi-adjustable front bucket seats with 2-way headrests and individual fold-down armrests. The Premium Packageincludes an 8-way power adjustable drivers seat, and a 4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat. The front seats in the optional Premium Packageare also electrically heated, for increased comfon on cold winter mornings.

Even the rear seats are adjustable.The outer rear seating positions have special footrests for added comfort on long trips. The rear seats fold down in a 60/40 configuration, for optimum flexibility in cargo loading and passenger accommodation.

Interior Comfort and Convenience

The SLXinterior is generously equipped. Cruise control is standard. Logical, easily operated switches control the power windows, door locks and moonroof. The steering column tilts easily into the correct, most comfortable driving position. Seven separate passenger-assist hand grips help occupants feel secure, even in rough off-road conditions. Amenity trays, a lockableglove box, a center storage console with dual beverage holders and a hidden storage companment help manage interior space, even on a long family road trip. And comprehensive interior lighting includes reading and map lights, as well as "puddle" lights mounted low in the doors to aid in finding dry, secure footing when exiting the vehicle.

Climate Control

The heating and air conditioning system is designed for comfort in the most demanding conditions, from the heat of the Mojave Desert to the chill of Alaska's Denali National Park. The high-capacity air conditioning system uses environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant, and a ram air system enhances airflow throughout the interior. A rear heater duct helps to keep backseat passengers just as cozy as the driver and fronts eat occupant.


An impressive, electronically tuned 100-watt AM/FM stereo cassette sound system is standard, with six separate speakers placed for a Uthentic sound reproduction. An automatic power antenna retracts when the system is turned off, protecting it from brush or other hazards. A single-disc, in-dash CD player and a 12-disc, cargo-area-mounted CD changer are available as dealer-installed options.


Dual Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) air bags are standard, as are 3-point front and outboard rear primary seat belts; the center rear position uses a conventional lap belt. Interior surfaces and controls are rounded, to lessen the possibility of injury. An Anti-lock braking system (ABS),and the security of 4-wheel drive in inclement weather add to the active safety performance of the SLX,and designed-in crumple zones and side-protection door beams provide enhanced passive safety performance as well.

Theft-Deterrent System

The SLX is equipped with an theft-deterrent system that is automatically armed when the vehicle is locked. When the system is activated, any effort to open the doors of the engine hood without the ignition key sounds an alarm and flashes the headlights. At the same time, the starter circuit is also disabled.

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