Acura Creates Comprehensive Total Luxury Care Program

Acura has created a comprehensive new owner program called Acura Total Luxury Care. The new program, also known as Acura TLC includes complimentary Roadside Assistance, service loaner cars, a special new car delivery package, special release offers and many other value-added services for Acura owners. Designed to reach beyond expected levels of customer service, Total Luxury Care sets a new standard in value-added benefits for Acura owners to help increase customer satisfaction, enhance customer/dealer relations and elevate the image of Acura in the luxury automobile marketplace.

"Total Luxury Care represents the commitment of Acura to providing superior levels of customer satisfaction by encompassing the amenities, services and manner of a true luxury marque," said Rich Thomas, executive vice president and general manager of Acura. "The cornerstone of the new TLC program is the addition of several valuable customer programs plus the implementation of new levels of customer-centered training for all personnel throughout the entire Acura organization."

Every purchase of a new Acura automobile will automatically be enrolled in TLC.

The major components of the Acura Total Luxury Care program include:

Acura Roadside Assistance - Provided as a free, complimentary service to Acura buyers, Acura's comprehensive Roadside Assistance Program includes:

  • 24-hour emergency towing
  • a 24-hour "800" number for locating the nearest Acura dealer
  • travel-interruption benefits
  • vacation trip routing and travel discounts
  • Acura Concierge Services
  • membership identification cards and other valuable features

Service Loan Car Program- A loaner car program featuring Acura automobiles for both warranty and retail service customers, is being implemented at participating dealers. With an advance reservation, Acura will provide a free loaner car for customers while their Acura is being serviced.

Acura Total Luxury Care Delivery Package- A special complimentary owner's package is presented to new owners at the time of delivery. In addition to the Owner's Manual and Warranty Book, the package features a new Quick Reference Guide, an Acura Music System demonstration tape or compact disc and TLC program information. The package also includes a brochure introducing TLC and Acura Roadside Assistance, the Roadside Assistance Card, Acura key chain, tire gauge, Acura dealer directory, road atlas, and a flashlight.

Owner Communication and Loyalty Program- Designed to enhance the Acura ownership experience, this program will provide Acura owners with special offers, an owner magazine and unique owner activities.

Acura Preferred Luxury Re-Lease- A new joint marketing program from American Honda Finance Corporation and the Acura Division designed to retain customers who are approaching the end of their existing AHFC leases. This plan will include special offers to make it extremely easy and attractive for current customers to release a new Acura. In addition to the TLC program, Acura is enhancing the ownership experience with the following additional programs:

Acura Pre-Owned Pilot Program- Acura is currently testing a pre-owned vehicle program at Acura dealers in select markets. Based on the success of these pilot programs, Acura plans to move forward with a nationwide program in the near future.

Acura Care- Acura Care is a new-vehicle extended service contract available from American Honda Finance Corporation which covers the repair or replacement of virtually all mechanical and electrical components for up to seven years or 100,000 miles. The program also includes enhanced towing, roadside assistance and rental car coverage.

To introduce all Acura personnel to the Total Luxury Care philosophy, comprehensive new training programs are being implemented in all areas of the Acura organization. In depth training is being carried out at the national level, and in every dealership across the country to reinforce the Acura commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

The full line of Acura luxury performance automobiles is available at nearly 300 Acura dealers nationwide.

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