1997 Acura CL Technical Information
  • Transverse Engine, Front-Wheel Drive
  • 4-Wheel Double-Wishbone Suspension
  • 4-Wheel Disc Brakes With Anti-Lock (Abs)
  • Power-Operated Moonroof With Sunshade
  • Leather Interior (With Premium Package)

3.0CL Engine

  • All-New 3.0-Liter (2997 CC), Transversely Mounted, SOHC V-6
  • Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Light, State-Of-The-Art V-6
  • 200 Hp @5500 RPM Using Regular Unleaded Fuel
  • First Mass-Produced V-6 Engine With Vtec
  • Specially Tuned Induction System With PGM-FI
  • Manufactured Exclusively In The United States
  • No Tune-Up For 100,000 Miles

VTEC Engine Technology

  • Variable Valve Timing And Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) Mechanism Automatically Switches Intake Valves To High-RPM And Duration Profile Of Third Camshaft Lobe
  • Changeover Points Are 3500 RPM (3.0CL) And 2300 RPM (2.2CL)
  • Rocker Arm Followers Use Roller-Bearing To Reduce Friction

3.0CL 4-Speed Automatic Transmission

  • 4-Speed Automatic Tranismission With Grade Logic Control And Lock-Up Torque Converter
  • Incorporates Sophisticated "Direct Control" Shift Technology
    • Ultra-Precise Clutch Control
    • Highly Refined Shift Operation
    • Smooth Yet Responsive Upshifts And Downshifts
    • Reduces Weight And Complexity

2.2CL Engine

  • 2.2 Liter (2156 CC) Displacement
  • 145 Horsepower @5500 RPM
  • 147 Lbs-Ft Torque @4500 RPM
  • Variable Valve Timing And Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) System
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) System

Horsepower And Torque

  • VTEC Technology Enhances Maximum Output To 200HP @5500 RPM (3.0CL) 145 HP @5500 RPM (2.2CL)
  • Broad Torque Curve Peaks At 195 Lbs-Ft @4700 RPM (3.0CL), 147 Lbs-Ft @4500 RPM (2.2CL)
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