Acura 3.5 RL Flagship Luxury Sedan Features Innovative Satellite Navigation System

The Acura 3.5RL flagship luxury sedan lives up to its title with a host of luxury amenities and technological achievements that make it one of the quietest, most comfortable and compelling cars on the road today.

Among the RL's "worldly" features lies an "out-of-this-world" technological breakthrough for those who appreciate help finding their way around town - a first-of-its-kind, in-dash, satellite-linked navigation system.

The Acura Navigation System, jointly developed by Honda R&D Japan and Honda R&D North America, uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, electro-gyros and sophisticated state-of-the-art software to tell drivers their exact position, and the best route to their destination.

The system, powered by a 32-bit microprocessor, also features built-in, detailed maps and a convenient directory which provides information and routing to hospitals, restaurants, hotels, museums, and other points of interest, as well as a color 6-inch LCD touch screen with push buttons and a convenient joystick.

The Acura Navigation System panel is mounted in the center console of the 3.5RL within easy reach of the driver and front-seat passenger. Drivers can find their destination and directions to get there by entering a specific address, intersecting streets, by choosing a position on the map display, or by entering other infotmation for route guidance. The System then provides audio and visual instructions to get to the destination, including when to make turns, distance remaining to the destination, and detailed, color maps of the area.

If the driver happens to miss a turn, or decides to take a detour off the calculated route, the system system automatically re-calculates the route and continues to lead the driver to the intended destination. Using the system's "map mode" drivers can select seven different map scales ranging from 1/20th of a mile per half-inch to more than 50 miles per half-inch, providing the driver with a detailed look at the surroundings. In addition to showing local streets, highways and freeways, the map also shows hospitals, parks, schools, shopping centers and other points of interest.

Acura 3.5RL owners with the optional Acura Navigation System can have its information database easily updated at Acura dealerships, ensuring their units have the latest in road and directory information. The System is available as a $2,000 option on the Acura 3.5RL with Premium Package.

Initially on sale in California and Las Vegas, only, the System's availability will be expanded as digital state map data and software development continues.

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