2002 Acura 3.2 CL -- Interior

The CL coupe's generous interior was designed to offer a comfortable and ergonomic environment to distract little of the driver's attention from the road. The cockpit-style interior envelops the driver to provide a clear view of controls and gauges. Its 2+2 layout with four, individual bucket seats echoes that of classic Gran Turismo coupes. Much advanced thinking and developmental engineering was committed to giving the CL an intimate and classic design as well as a large interior space and a sporty appearance.

The sporty styling is further enhanced in the Type-S model, with exclusive perforated leather seats and steering wheel, metallic-faced instrument displays and a unique Type-S-badged leather shifter knob.

The designers set out to create the CL's interior based on three pivotal interior concepts: Smart, Luxurious and Elegant. Smart describes the ergonomic and usability aspects of the interior, from the easy-to-reach instruments to the available Acura Navigation System to the rear storage compartments. Luxurious defines the CL's interior as a "reward" for hard earned success - a corner office with individual bucket seats for four adults surrounded by rich leather and wood-patterned trim. Elegant defines the simple and contemporary design of the interior with a flowing overall style.

The CL's seats were designed to provide outstanding comfort and maximum support by incorporating generous side and seat bolsters to hold the occupants in place during spirited driving.

The high-back front seats incorporate a large, adjustable head restraint that provides optimum back and neck support as well as the necessary bracing during a rear impact collision.

All seating surfaces in the CL coupe utilize U.S.-sourced leather, with a perforated pattern on Type-S models for enhanced ventilation and a sporty appearance. An adjustable lumbar support provides lower back support, while the driver's seat includes a heated bottom cushion and backrest. The passenger's seat has a heated bottom cushion only, to avoid interfering with the passenger's side air bag sensors. The driver's seat incorporates eight-way power adjustment while the passenger seat offers four-way power adjustment. All four seating positions in the CL are equipped with three-point seat belts.

A microprocessor-controlled instrument cluster displays engine speed, vehicle speed, outside temperature, fuel level, a dual-trip meter and additional pertinent information. Easy to read analog instrumentation with illuminated pointers steadily climb the large diameter, individually recessed tachometer and speedometer face while a bold LED digital indicator displays gear position when the transmission is in SportShift mode. The Type-S model incorporates metallic-faced instruments for a sporty and aggressive look.

The CL is equipped with a state-of-the-art, automatic climate control and air conditioning system. This quiet, yet powerful system quickly cools or warms the cabin to provide a comfortable driving environment. The fully automatic climate control can also be overridden manually. In CLs equipped with the optional Acura Navigation System, the override controls have been incorporated into the computer controlled, touch-screen LCD monitor.

A passenger compartment micron air-filtration system filters dust and other airborne particulates from the cabin area as small as 8 microns and also traps bacteria as small as one micron.

The Acura/Bose® Music System is standard equipment on all CL models. Designed and built as an integral part of the car, this sound system is engineered to take advantage of the CL's unique acoustics. All six speakers have been strategically located and the bass response has been enhanced by utilizing co-axial speakers on the rear parcel tray.

The Acura/Bose® Music System includes a 6-disc, in-dash CD changer that allows six discs to be stored without a separate trunk-mounted unit or cartridges. Though it looks similar to a single disc, in-dash unit, the Acura/Bose® 6-disc in-dash changer stores up to 6 compact discs inside the dash-mounted unit. The system will automatically shuffle the discs and allow for hours of constant or random music selections, just like a trunk-mounted unit. The system also incorporates a cassette deck for increased audio flexibility. To allow the driver to remain focused on the road, radio stations, CD selections and volume can be conveniently operated from buttons on the steering wheel.

The latest generation of the Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System is the only factory-installed option available on both the CL and the Type-S.

Similar to the systems in other Acuras, the CL's satellite-linked Acura Navigation System utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) data received from satellites. Used in conjunction with its own inertial guidance system, the CL's DVD database precisely pinpoints location and offers routes to guide the driver to the destinations he or she selects. When asked to guide the driver from one location to another, the system provides both audio (if selected) and visual cues, helping the driver find the proper destination quickly and easily with minimal distraction. Verbal instructions such as, "Keep right" or "Next exit on the right" give the driver the basic direction. A color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen, located high on the center console, provides a moving map with direction arrows, detailed information on street names, turning instructions and driving distance.

The Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System incorporates a matte-finish touch-screen that resists fingerprinting and is easy to read even in direct sunlight. The large, six-inch, color LCD display has picture-in-picture capability, allowing the driver to see a "big picture" map and get detailed turning instructions simultaneously. The system will also display the vehicle's current position at any time, and a balloon function instantly shows the address of any location selected on the map. Points of interest can be searched by simply inputting the destination's phone number. The touch-screen display can also be used to provide manual control over the CL's automatic climate control operation.

The voice guidance control has 11 different volume settings and automatically mutes the audio entertainment system front speakers momentarily when direction instructions are given.

An enhanced logic program enables destinations to be entered with a minimum number of keystrokes and reduces route calculation time. In addition, a route can be pre-programmed with up to five destinations, and set to have the moving map display icons for gas stations, restaurants or ATMs. The DVD on-board database system has 3.7 million points of interest, from restaurants, hotels, ATMs, clothing stores, and tourist attractions. A virtual nationwide directory can now be accessed by the driver simply with a few inputs to the Acura Navigation System. Mapping information for the 48 contiguous states is contained on a single DVD.

COMFORT AND CONVENIENCEThough the CL coupe has been engineered to be a high-performance driver's car, the achievement of this goal did not come at the expense of ride comfort and passenger amenities. In addition to those already mentioned, the CL incorporates a formidable roster of standard comfort and convenience features.

Key features:

  • Overhead sunglass storage compartment
  • Large dual cupholder in the console with a removable liner for easy cleaning
  • Illuminated, two compartment center console with internal power port and hidden storage area
  • Padded center armrest slides fore and aft for comfort
  • Soft-touch instrument panel and interior panels
  • Glove box has a damper-controlled door and interior light
  • In-dash memo pad tray (not available with Acura Navigation System)
  • Trunk opening switch on driver's door panel and main switch in glove compartment
  • Sliding sun visor extensions
  • Illuminated power window switches
  • HomeLink® remote system operates three different devices
  • Speed-synchronized intermittent wipers
  • Dual cupholder for rear passengers
  • Lockable rear storage compartment
  • Security system with remote keyless entry
  • Automatic day/night rearview mirror
  • Lockable trunk pass through

The CL coupe is equipped with a standard keyless remote entry system that allows the driver's and passenger's side doors to be locked and unlocked at the push of a button. In addition, the CL comes equipped with two separate remotes, each with a unique signal that controls the driver's memory seat feature as well as the side view mirrors. When remote number one is utilized to unlock the door, the driver's seat and the rearview mirrors will automatically reset to the number one memory setting. Likewise, when remote number two is used, the driver's seat and rearview mirrors will reset to the number two memory setting. This is an effective convenience feature when the CL is being shared by two drivers with different driving positions. An automatic trunk release is also integrated into the remote fob for easy access.

The CL incorporates a convenient reverse-tilt side mirror on the passenger side of the vehicle. When the remote mirror control is set in the center position, the reverse-tilt feature is activated. When the driver shifts into reverse, the passenger-side mirror automatically tilts down to provide a clear view of the curb for parallel parking. The mirror automatically returns to its previous position for driving when the shifter is moved out of reverse. This feature can be turned off by moving the mirror adjustment selector switch out of the center position to either the right or left side.

Another standard feature on the highly equipped CL is a glass moonroof with tilt-up and sliding action that can be tilted to increase interior ventilation or opened fully for open-air motoring. Its efficient design contributes to the coupe's abundant headroom and also features a sliding, interior sun shade. For 2002, the moonroof glass has been thickened to reduce cabin noise.

With room for four, the CL can carry luggage for four in its trunk as well. With a generous 13.6 cu ft of trunk space, the CL has plenty of space for golf clubs and overnight bags. A wide opening and low lift-over height ease loading and unloading. A lockable flip-down pass-through door to the passenger compartment expands utility further, for carrying long objects. A cargo net with multiple attachment points makes it easy to restrain cargo. In addition, a utility hook is mounted on the side wall of the trunk area to accommodate grocery bags while a small storage compartment on the far left side keeps small, incidental items from rolling around. The jack is in a closed compartment on the right side of the trunk, with tools positioned nearby.

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