2004 Acura TSX -- Interior - Part 2

Throughout the TSX interior you'll find useful comfort and convenience features that make day to day driving more pleasant. Front and rear cup holders accommodate even large drinks, and numerous convenient storage bins and compartments are positioned throughout the interior, including seatback map pockets and in-door storage. Overhead sunglasses storage keeps your glasses protected when not in use. The padded, leather covered center armrest adjusts fore and aft to suit the driver; lift the lid and there's a 12-volt power outlet as well as room for CDs, a cell phone and plenty of other items There's a leather-wrapped center armrest in the back seat too.

Heated front seats provide a welcome comfort on cold days, while a subtle ambient light in the ceiling-mounted overhead console illuminates the center console area with soft blue glow whenever the headlights are switched on. There is also a blue cascade light on the center panel above the enclosed storage area. The door-mounted window switches are illuminated to make them easy to locate at night. Twin 12-volt power outlets allow the use of auxiliary electronics while a HomeLink® remote system allows controlling up to three home electronic devices remotely from inside the car.

The TSX interior combines purposeful sporting functionality with decidedly upscale appointments. Subtle details in the interior fit and finish set it apart from the norm. The handsome instrument panel covering is created using a new spray-formed urethane skin technology that eliminates PVC (which is difficult to handle during manufacturing and to eventually dispose of at the end of the vehicle's life). The new material is less environmentally damaging to manufacture and allows the passenger-side airbag to be completely concealed. A laser-cut tear-line on the hidden underside of the instrument panel cover is invisible from the interior of the car, but provides a swing-open lid for the airbag should it deploy.

Throughout the interior, soft materials are used everywhere a passenger is likely to touch, including padded leather door armrests, a leather wrapped steering wheel, and soft-touch interior door grab handles. The window pillars are finished in soft fabric, not plastic. The standards of interior fit have been raised, and fasteners have been carefully concealed.

A standard dual-zone automatic climate control system ensures that the TSX driver and front passenger have precisely the driving environment they like. This automatic system has simple, intuitive controls and dual digital displays to indicate the set temperature. On cars equipped with the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition, key HVAC systems functions can be accomplished via voice commands.

A special one-piece injection-molded urethane mat lines the entire passenger compartment beneath the carpet, and cuts noise while providing a softer more luxurious floor surface. The mat's flat design frees up more useful interior space. Molded to seal the area under the front seat tracks, the mat has a more finished appearance and improves efficiency of the climate control system by smoothing airflow under the seats.

The TSX has standard perforated leather seating that is comfortably breathable. Based on exterior color, three different interior color combinations are available; all have a black upper instrument panel and center console top. With Parchment leather upholstery, the accent band that wraps from door to door in finished in a warm wood pattern. Ebony and Quartz leather upholstery comes matched with an alloy-finish accent band.

An enhanced keyless entry system gives the TSX driver greater convenience and capability. The FM radio frequency key fob is resistant to strong electrical fields and interference. With a single push of the unlock button, it unlocks only the driver's door; a second push unlocks all the doors. If you hold the unlock button down for more than one second after unlocking all doors, all the windows open to ventilate the car's interior.

The key offers the same functions when it is placed in the lock on the driver's door. One twist unlocks only the driver's door; a second twist unlocks all the doors. Hold the key in the unlock position for more than one second, and all the windows begin to open; return the key to the normal position and the windows stop. When leaving the car, all open windows can be easily rolled up by holding the key in the "lock" position.

To deliver a high performance listening experience the TSX has a specially designed Acura premium sound system as standard equipment. The head unit is designed for simple, intuitive operation and incorporates an AM/FM tuner and a 6-disc CD changer. The amplifier section has eight devoted 45-watt amplifiers that deliver a total of 360 watts to eight speakers-more than enough power to handle the most demanding music.

To create clear imaging, a pair of 1-inch soft-dome tweeters is positioned near the top of the instrument panel; a 6.5-inch polypropylene-cone neodymium full-range speaker is located in each of the four doors. On the rear deck there are two 6 x 9-inch polypropylene-cone ferrite drivers. Tuned for the unique acoustics of the TSX cabin, this system is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and accuracy at all seating positions.

Remote audio controls on the 3-spoke steering wheel put commonly used functions within easy reach of the driver. On cars equipped with the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition, select sound system functions can be accomplished via voice commands.

The latest generation of Acura Navigation System makes is debut on the TSX, featuring an expansive 8-inch display, over seven million points of interest database and expanded voice-recognition capabilities. Available as a factory option on the TSX, the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition sets a new standard for functionality and ease of use.

Acura Navigation System Features Summary

  • 8-inch screen
  • Fast route calculation and search speed (3.0 sec. for points within 100-mile radius)
  • New, expanded Voice Recognition function (relative to the '03 MDX system) minimizes need for keyboard entry
  • Comprehensive destination guide has over seven million points of interest. Guide provides a business and recreation directory of virtually the entire continental United States complete with local addresses and business phone numbers. Categories include restaurants (searchable by type of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, recreation areas and much more.
  • 3-D turn-by-turn graphics for freeway on- and off-ramps make directions easy to understand
  • Enhanced split screen mode provides additional route information
  • Voice Recognition is linked to audio and climate control systems
  • Day/Night visualization modes with user-selectable screen appearance
  • Enhanced menus and improved surface street mapping
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance in either male or female voice (can be turned off at any time)
  • Destination memory recalls current trip addresses and previous destinations

The Acura Navigation system tracks the vehicle's position via a GPS (Global Positioning System) antenna on the rear parcel shelf. If the antenna is obstructed by a tunnel, parking garage or tall building, an internal gyroscopic system and a speed sensor track the location of the vehicle so that the map information remains current and reliable until satellite reception is restored.

The system's ECU and updateable DVD database is located in the trunk; the large LCD touch screen is positioned high in the center section of the instrument panel where it's easy to see and reach. The Voice Recognition microphone is positioned in the front overhead map-light console, with the activation switch within fingertip reach on the steering wheel. Spoken directions from the system are played over the TSX sound system in a driver selectable male or female voice. To make on-screen directions easy to follow, the TSX Navigation System features a simultaneous "map view" and "3-D" route visualization.

Acura Navigation Systems have long been praised for their simple operation and the new system in the TSX is designed to advance that tradition further still. The system can be controlled three different ways: by voice, via the touch screen or with the joystick positioned next to the display.

To control the system by voice, the driver presses the "talk" button, located on the steering wheel. The system recognizes spoken commands such as "find nearest gas station," "find nearest ATM" or "find nearest Italian restaurant." Developed jointly by IBM and Honda R&D, the Acura Voice Recognition System has a vocabulary of approximately 150 commands and can recognize virtually any English-spoken accent.

The driver or passenger can also control the system via the touch screen by choosing menu options or spelling out a word (e.g., an address, business name or place) through a touch-sensitive on-screen keypad. (The keypad can be set to alphabetical or a common typewriter style layout.) Alternatively, the joystick can be used to select menu options or to select specific letters on the keypad to complete a word. A matte finish is used on the display to reduce glare and smudging.

A single DVD contains information for the entire United States so there are no regional CDs to contend with. Updates to the navigation system can be made by installing an updated DVD (available on-line or by calling a toll-free number)

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