2005 Acura RSX Body



The RSX was designed with the driving enthusiast in mind and the bodywork leaves no doubt that this is a car designed for those who appreciate superior performance and precise handling.

From its rakishly angled hood to its broad stance, deep chin spoiler, and sleek, wind-cheating lines, the RSX says, "speed" even when standing still. Yet the car's dramatic presence derives every bit as much from function as from form. Contoured window glass in the doors and quarter panels helps the RSX slip effortlessly through the air-and also provides exceptional visibility for all occupants. In front, a signature five-sided grille lends a distinctly "Acura" look to the nose, while neatly integrated taillights accent the rear. A smoothly integrated liftgate raises easily to reveal a spacious cargo hold.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) are minimized thanks to an exceptionally rigid unit body structure, extensive sound insulation, and extremely tight fit-and-finish tolerances. For 2005, NVH was reduced through the application of lightweight, noise-absorbing insulation to the roof and doors. Also, wind noise was reduced by the addition of weather stripping to reduce the gaps on the side mirrors, allowing air to pass more smoothly between the mirrors and the side of the car.

For 2005, both RSX models receive structural enhancements that improve rigidity in front and in the rear. Freshened exterior styling combines with the lower ground clearance provided by the suspension and, on the Type-S model, the larger wheels and tires, to evoke an even more powerful appearance. Redesigned front and rear fascias, new side sills and, on the Type-S model, the application of a deck lid spoiler, add a sportier look while helping to make the RSX one of the most aerodynamic cars in its class.

Significant enhancements to the body of the 2005 RSX include:

  • Increase in front and rear rigidity due to key structural reinforcements
  • Restyled signature 5-sided Acura grille
  • Redesigned side sills (Type-S)
  • New front and rear bumper
  • Redesigned headlight and taillight assemblies
  • Deck lid spoiler (Type-S)
  • Subframe dynamic damper added to reduce engine noise (Type-S)
  • Lightweight, noise-absorbing material applied to door and roof panels to reduce road noise
  • Weather stripping added to side mirrors to minimize gap and reduce wind noise
  • Four new exterior colors

Body At A Glance


  • Sleek, dramatic bodywork with a broad stance, sharply raked hood, deep chin spoiler, and compound curved window glass
  • Cabin-forward silhouette
  • Short overhangs front and rear
  • Deck lid spoiler (Type-S)

Quality And Refinement

  • Tightly controlled noise and vibration
  • Computer-designed structural reinforcements
  • Significant reductions in body-panel fit tolerances

NVH Control

  • Extensive sound insulation
  • Melt sheets added to the floor to reduce interior noise
  • Urethane foam seals roof-pillar cavities
  • Uniquely developed door-trim seals

Corrosion Resistance

  • Double-sided galvanized steel in all high-corrosion areas
  • Anti-chipping primer applied to leading edges of hood and fenders
  • PVC and wax sealer applied to underbody


The 2005 RSX features freshened exterior styling that gives the car a lower, more powerful look. The front fascia has been redesigned with a lower, more aggressive front bumper, a new triple-beam headlight treatment and a reworked Acura family grille to create an impression of mass and help air flow smoothly under and around the car. In the rear, a redesigned bumper, a new, thicker exhaust finisher and a new taillight assembly (similar in design to the headlight assembly) continue the impression of power and speed. Type-S models also receive a deck lid spoiler integrated into the trailing edge of the trunk lid.

For 2005, the side sills on RSX models are body-colored. On the Type-S model, the side sills have been redesigned and sculpted for a taught, aggressive look that enhance the car's angular appearance and highlight the new, 17-inch alloy wheels.

On both models, a neatly integrated lift gate affords easy access to the rear cargo area, while the smoothly bowed door and quarter-panel glass contributes to superb visibility and outstanding aerodynamics.Short overhangs front and rear add to the lean, purposeful appearance, while clever packaging provides abundant cabin room for the driver and passengers.

The 2005 RSX is available in the following exterior colors: Taffeta White, Nighthawk Black, Satin Silver Metallic, Eternal Blue Pearl (RSX only), Premium White Pearl (Type-S only), Arctic Blue Pearl (Type-S only) and Milano Red. Four exterior color options are added for 2005 with Magnesium Metallic, Vivid Blue Pearl, Jade Green Metallic and Blaze Orange Metallic replacing Artic Blue Pearl, Eternal Blue Pearl and Desert Silver Metallic.


With the combination of unique manufacturing techniques at the Sayama factory in Japan and the advanced design system, the fit tolerances of the RSX are extremely precise. The bumpers, door and tailgate openings, and body panels-all reflect an extremely high level of fit and finish. The result is a solid and integrated appearance, one befitting the RSX's sophisticated image.


To provide the optimum ride, handling, safety, and NVH control, the RSX unit body was designed for maximum torsional rigidity without excess weight. To accomplish this, Acura engineers performed extensive computer analyses using the NASTRAN stress-analysis program. Then, in creating the final structure, the engineers specified a high percentage of lightweight yet strong high-tensile steel-and further enhanced rigidity using numerous strategically placed reinforcements.

For 2005, body rigidity was further improved through the application of reinforcements in key areas. Front rigidity was improved by 15 percent by applying a thicker fitting base, adding a front upper arm and increasing the thickness of the wheelhouse walls. An increase in the thickness of the rear cross member improved rear rigidity by 21 percent.


To reduce high-frequency road noise, the RSX features carefully developed door-trim seals, a Styrofoam-molded cover over the spare tire, noise-insulating carpet, asphalt-based melt sheets in the floor and trunk areas, gap-sealing urethane foam in the front pillars, and a dashboard insulator to isolate the cabin from engine noise.

To further reduce engine noise, a subframe dynamic damper was added to Type-S models for 2005. This damper reduces engine rocking and minimizes the transmittal of noise and vibration to the cockpit. NVH was further reduced through optimization of the door seals, the application of lightweight noise absorbing material to the roof and door panels. Side mirror gaps were minimized by changing the weather stripping at the base of the mirror, resulting in reduced wind noise.


A combination of enhancements including the lowered suspension, redesigned front fascia, addition of a deck lid spoiler and more substantial side sills combine to improve the Type-S model's aerodynamic performance for 2005. Both coefficient of drag and coefficient of lift were improved. In addition, the ratio of lift between front and rear was improved, making the RSX Type-S even more stable at high speed.


The doors and quarter-panels of the RSX are made of subtle, compound-curved glass that both improves the car's smoothly integrated look and enhances its aerodynamic performance.


The RSX's headlight and taillight treatments have both been redesigned for 2005. The new headlight housings incorporate three lamps-low beam, high beam and turn signal -behind a single clear lens.

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