2005 Acura RSX Interior & Safety



The roomy interior of the RSX has been carefully designed to meet the needs of driving enthusiasts while also providing comfort and amenities for all occupants. A bold, driver-oriented instrument panel delivers critical vehicle information at a glance while also lending a decidedly racy air to the interior. New, deeply sculptured sport seats offer ample support and enhanced comfort. Standard cabin luxuries include an Automatic Climate Control System, power windows, a keyless entry system, and premium audio systems. Rich fabric with simulated suede is standard in the RSX, while hand-selected leather is available as an option (standard on Type-S). For exceptional versatility, the RSX is equipped with 50/50 split-folding rear seats that greatly extend the cargo capacity of the cargo area.

To compliment its sporty exterior styling, the interior of the 2005 RSX has been freshened to provide a modern look, optimal comfort and a refined driving experience. The front seats have been optimized with thicker cushions for increased comfort and deeper side bolsters for even better support during aggressive driving. Chrome and titanium-look accents and upgraded materials have been added in key spots throughout the cockpit and the face of the meters has been changed from metallic to white.

Interior At A Glance

  • "Driver-oriented" cockpit design
  • Large, easy-to-read analog instruments
  • Stylish, contemporary shapes and materials
  • Leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel
  • Abundant luxury features, including automatic climate control system, power windows, power door mirrors, and keyless entry system
  • Premium audio: 6 speakers with in-dash CD player (RSX); 7-speaker Acura/Bose® Music System with 6-disc in-dash CD changer, cassette (Type-S)
  • Generous interior head, leg, shoulder, and hip room
  • Heat-rejecting window glass
  • Spacious cargo area (16.0 cubic feet)
  • Large glove box and abundant storage bins and pockets
  • Easy-access liftgate with reduced lift effort


The RSX is a driver's car. Large, analog gauges are arrayed in a pod that angles toward the driver. A thick, leather-wrapped steering wheel begs to slice up a mountain road. All controls are in easy reach. Stylish materials lend a sporty, even slightly aggressive flavor to the cabin environment. Above all, the RSX cockpit is highly personalized, outfitted with controls designed for rewarding tactile feedback and shapes that enhance the "driver's machine" theme. For 2005, the interior styling has been freshened to make the RSX even more refined and "Acura." Upscale chrome accents were added to the shift boot ring, hand brake knob and to the front seat headrest. Sporty new materials were applied to the roof lining A-pillar garnish, quarter panel garnish and door lining.


The solid, deeply sculptured front bucket seats of the RSX are built to provide exceptional support during even the most enthusiastic driving. For 2005, the side bolsters have been reshaped to provide even better lateral support during hard cornering maneuvers. The thickness of the urethane padding was also increased for firmness and excellent support during acceleration and a 3 decibel reduction in vibration. The seats are now covered with a new double knit material and the integrated headrests receive new titanium-look trim, which contribute to a sporty, modern appearance.

In back, the RSX is equipped with comfortable 50/50 split-folding seats and, between them, a convenient storage tray for sunglasses and other small items.

For a consistently sporty look, new mesh material was applied to the seats of the RSX with simulated suede trim standard and hand-selected perforated leather available as an option. On the Type-S, the perforated leather is standard.


During the day, the large, analog gauges of the RSX appear as easy-to-read black numerals on a white background (changed from a metallic background on the 2004 model). Each gauge is trimmed with new chrome accents that have also been applied for 2005 to the shifter ring and brake knob. At night, the gauges are backlit in red providing excellent acuity while also adding a touch of drama to the cockpit. Furthering the racy feel of the instrument panel are "zero-angle" pointers that, like the needles in many race car gauges, point straight down to the six o'clock position when at rest.


The materials found in the RSX cockpit were carefully chosen to create a stimulating yet luxurious driving environment. Wrapping the instrument panel is a unique, rubberized geometric-grain material that has been enhanced for 2005 for a sportier, yet more refined look. Flush-surface panel-joint areas reinforce the high-quality appearance, while metallic-finished panels on the dash accent the interior and enhance the advanced look. Rich fabric with simulated suede trim adorns the seats in the RSX, with handsome perforated leather available as an option. On the high-performance Type-S, the perforated leather is standard, enhancing ventilation and accentuating the car's sporty demeanor.


For year-round comfort and exceptional convenience, the RSX is equipped with a standard high-efficiency Automatic Climate Control System. Operated by three large, easy-to-use dials on the dash, this integrated system delivers best-in-class cool-down performance with minimal power consumption. A host of atmospheric sensors provide highly accurate, fully automatic operation; the system can also be easily overridden manually using the dashboard controls. Heat-rejecting window glass helps improve the efficiency of the climate control system. Air flowing from the dashboard is expelled through stylish "fin-type" round outlets.

To help ensure a clean, pollutant-free cabin environment, the Automatic Climate Control System is complemented by a standard air filtration system that traps dust and other airborne particles before they can enter the cockpit. The filter, conveniently located behind the RSX's glove box, can be easily replaced without the need for tools.


A premium 6-speaker AM/FM audio system with in-dash CD player is standard on the RSX. Each of the six speakers has been carefully located to optimize the unique acoustics of the RSX cabin. Complementing two dash-mounted tweeters are four side-mounted speakers that utilize rare earth, neodymium magnets for authoritative bass response and high output levels with extremely low harmonic distortion. An antenna etched into the tailgate glass provides excellent radio reception without the breakage concerns of conventional pole antennas.

On the Type-S, the standard-equipment list features a high-power Acura/Bose® music system custom engineered for the acoustics of the RSX cabin. The Bose system in the Type-S automatically adjusts tonal balance so that the listener hears natural sounds at all volume levels.

The unique system couples a sophisticated AM/FM head unit with an integrated 6-disc in-dash CD changer and cassette player with seven speakers, including a low-frequency Bose Richbass™ woofer, strategically placed for optimum sound quality throughout the vehicle. The RSX's exclusive Bose Richbass woofer, cleverly located in the spare tire well to help maximize available space, dramatically increases volume in the low-frequency range. Two 1_-inch tweeters mounted in the dash and four 6_-inch wide-range speakers located in the doors and rear panels work with the woofer to help provide full stereo sound for all occupants. The Acura/Bose system also uses a printed radio antenna in the rear window for a clean exterior appearance


A standard keyless remote entry system allows the doors and rear hatch to be unlocked by pressing a button on the key fob. A "panic button" on the keyless remote, when pressed, activates the security siren and flashes the headlights to summon assistance in an emergency.

The keyless entry system on the RSX works up to 30 feet away from the vehicle. By using electromagnetic keyless control and frequency modulation, as well as an anti- copying system for the transmission code, the keyless entry signal is highly resistant to "cloning."

Complementing the keyless entry system is a standard engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded key prevents the car from being started-even if a mechanical duplicate of the key is used. A transponder, built into the key, signals the immobilizer control unit that the key is genuine. If the car is hot-wired, or an unauthorized key is used, the engine will not start.

In addition to its standard engine-'immobilizer' system and copy-resistant keyless entry system, the RSX is equipped with several other notable anti-theft features. The inside door lock knobs are recessed when locked, making it extremely difficult to unlock the doors with a prying tool. A plastic cover around the lock area deflects "slim jim" type mechanisms from being used to force the door lock.


For the ultimate in convenience and versatility, the RSX is equipped with a long list of handy features as standard equipment. These include:

  • An "auto-up" power driver's window, which raises the window with a single press of the window switch (an auto-reverse system halts the window if an obstruction is detected) and "auto-down"
  • Intermittent windshield wipers
  • Heated sideview mirrors
  • Large glove box allows storage of letter-size papers
  • Multi-function center console with integrated cup holders and hidden, sliding storage tray
  • Dual door pockets: one for CDs or letter-sized papers, one for concert tickets or other small items
  • Integrated door grips with soft center pads and elbow-rest areas
  • Lightweight and removable rear cargo cover
  • Rear center tray for sunglasses and other small items


The integrated liftgate of the RSX makes for easy cargo loading, while a generously sized 16.0-cubic-foot cargo area provides enough room to hold two large suitcases or two 9-inch golf bags even without folding down the rear seats. With both seats folded down, cargo room grows to 25.3 cubic feet-enough to accommodate extra-large items such as bicycles.

The RSX liftgate itself has been optimized with a damper mechanism and additional inner handle that makes it easier to open and close. A lightweight rear cargo cover is integrated into the liftgate for easy loading and unloading.

2005 Acura RSX Safety


The RSX is equipped with an array of standard occupant-protection systems. The RSX was designed with the goal of achieving a 5-star NCAP rating for front impacts-the highest rating possible. While the RSX has yet to be tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is expected to meet these targets:

  • 5-star NCAP for frontal impact
  • 4-star SINCAP for side impact
  • "Good" Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rating for front offset impact

To achieve these objectives, the RSX includes: front and rear crumple zones, a highly rigid passenger compartment, dual seatbelt pretensioners on both front seats, and driver's and passenger's dual-stage front airbags and a driver's and passenger's side airbag system.

To help the driver avoid being involved in an accident, the RSX employs other safety features including a quick-ratio power steering system for precise handling, all-season high-performance tires and a four-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).


The ABS system in the RSX is a three-channel, four-sensor design that modulates braking power to the front wheels independently and to the rear wheels in tandem-enhancing steering control during maximum-effort stops.


In the event of a frontal impact, the energy is divided between the parallel side frame and the sub-frame. The impact is then channeled, dissipating into the side sill, the floor frame, and the front pillars.


For additional protection in the event of a collision from the side, the RSX features strong steel side-impact beams in each door. Further strength is derived from a strong roof gusset. To help cushion the forces of a side impact, the RSX is equipped with crushable, energy-absorbing pads below each quarter panel and in the door linings. In addition, a middle-floor crossbeam is fitted between the B-pillars to help lessen body deformation in the event of a collision.


As an additional measure of occupant protection, the RSX is equipped with advanced, dual seatbelt pretensioners on each front seat. Previously, pretensioners have been used to pull the shoulder belt tightly in the event of a collision. In the RSX, in addition to the shoulder-belt pretensioners, the engineers added a lap belt buckle pretensioner to each front seat. In a collision, both the shoulder portion and the lap portion of the belt are pulled tight, firmly securing the occupant in the seat.


The RSX is equipped with a standard driver's and front passenger's airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). The system employs three sensors-including a front sensor, buckle switches to determine if the front seat occupants have the seatbelts buckled, and a dual-stage inflator to match the airbag deployment rate with the severity of the crash. As in all Acura models, the front passenger's airbag is designed to deploy upward along the windshield and then back toward the occupant. This provides a large cushion to help protect the front passenger.


To enhance the protection of the driver and front seat passenger during a variety of frontal impact collisions, the RSX utilizes varying airbag deployment power. The system, which uses a dual-stage inflator, automatically adjusts the deployment of the driver and front passenger's SRS airbags based on the severity of the crash. During a slower speed collision, the dual-stage inflator system is triggered in sequence, resulting in slower overall airbag deployment with less initial force. During a high-speed collision, both inflators operate simultaneously for full immediate inflation, to correspond with the greater impact force.


The standard side-impact airbags on the RSX are triggered in response to signals sent by three sensors. The front passenger's seat is equipped with an innovative side airbag cutoff system designed to disable side airbag deployment and prevent injury to a child (or small-statured adult) if they lean into the side airbag deployment path. A series of seven sensors in the passenger seatback monitors the size and position of the occupant to determine if it is safe to deploy the airbag

If the occupant leans into the deployment path of the side airbag, the sensors will prevent the side airbag from inflating. When the occupant returns to an upright seating position, he side airbag will reactivate. An indicator light on the dash alerts the driver if the front passenger is out of position.


The RSX features the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system in both of the rear seats, so parents can use LATCH-compatible child seats. These child seats are secured at the top by a tether anchor on the rear liftgate sill, and are secured at the bottom to anchor points located between the seat back and the seat bottom cushion.

Parents who use non-LATCH child seats can still use a seat belt to secure the seats in either of the rear seats. The liftgate sill has two covered tether anchors for securing a child seat tether strap.

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