2005 Acura TL Interior - Part 1


The Acura tradition of interior luxury and functionality continues with an elegant and sporting interior for the TL. The instruments and controls are arranged to create an intimate and functional driver's cockpit that offers a feeling of connection and control. With its higher belt line, the TL has a substantial look and feel. Fine interior materials and close attention to detail and finish give the TL a tangible feeling of elegance. The enlarged EPA Mid-Size interior has stylish and highly supportive leather-trimmed seating and there's more headroom front and rear. Throughout the interior, virtually every system has been improved.

The already long TL standard feature list has grown significantly with items like the first North American automotive application of a standard DVD-A audio system that takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver sound resolution that's 500 times higher than conventional CD audio. XM Satellite radio is also now on the standard equipment list. The standard Acura HandsFreeLink™ system lets the driver dial a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone by voice, while a Multi-Info Display (MID) shows mobile phone data, tracks the car's maintenance needs, displays warnings and offers an array of driver preference settings. The available Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition has a large 8-inch display, and much larger database and faster route computing time than the previous 3.2 TL system.

Interior at a Glance

  • Larger passenger cabin with more headroom, shoulder room and front legroom
  • Luxurious cockpit designed for performance driving
  • Dramatic, easy-to-read LED backlit analog instruments
  • Tilt and telescope steering wheel
  • Performance-oriented front bucket seats with perforated leather-trimmed seating
  • Driver's 10-way power seat with power adjustable lumbar support
  • Comprehensive safety features including standard side curtain airbags
  • Acura/ELS™ Premium 8-speaker Surround Sound System with DVD-Audio, DTS™ and CD 6-disc Changer, AM/FM Tuner and Dolby™ Cassette
  • Multi-Info Display (MID) allows access to multiple electronic functions
  • Acura HandsFreeLink system compatible with many Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Available Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition
  • Keyless Memory Link with two driver profiles
  • Superior interior fit and finish, including a "seamless" instrument panel cover that conceals the passenger SRS airbag lid
  • Dual-zone, Dual-mode Acura Automatic Climate Control System
  • Fully lined trunk with concealed parcel shelf speakers


The TL interior has a dynamic and distinctive look, yet upholds the longstanding Acura tradition of highly functional driving environments. Given the sharp handling agility and power built into the TL, its interior echoes a clear sporting message. At the same time, fine details and rich surface finishes make it clear that the TL has not shrunk from its luxury roots. Sweeping aluminum-alloy accents wrap around the doors, flow onto the instrument panel and dive down the center console. Wood patterned accents warm the interior in cars with Parchment and Camel leather, while Quartz and Ebony interiors have carbon fiber-look accents that create a technical edge.


The TL interior puts all important systems and controls within easy reach of the driver. The systems used most frequently-audio, cruise control, Acura HandsFreeLink and Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition-have satellite controls positioned on the steering wheel. The LED backlit instrumentation is easy to read, and the switchgear and displays have an uncluttered look and intuitive operation. Helpful features make driving easier, like power rearview mirrors that can be set to automatically tilt-down when reverse is engaged to make parking simpler.

With a driver's 10-way power seat and a tilt/telescoping steering column, it's easy to get comfortable in the TL. A one-touch moonroof switchgear is located in the overhead console. The Sequential SportShift selector has been simplified for easier, more intuitive use. And for the first time ever, a short-throw, close ratio 6-speed manual gearbox is available. To better work with the manual gearbox, the TL parking brake is now a hand brake within easy reach on the center console. There is also a bottom-hinged throttle pedal with a more linear feel and natural motion.


The driver can control multiple electronic functions using thumb-operated buttons on the TL steering wheel. The most commonly used; cruise control, HandsFreeLink, and audio controls are within easy reach. If equipped with the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition, two additional buttons handle voice activation for navigation and provide voice access to other features.


Proper seat support helps foster a sense of connection with the car, and provides a useful avenue for dynamic chassis feedback to the driver. The TL driver's seat has substantial side and shoulder bolstering to keep the driver in place during aggressive cornering. Given the sporting/luxury TL mission, the 10-way power adjustable seat is engineered for long-haul comfort in addition to sporting support. Standard perforated leather-trimmed seating breathes for comfort, while a more generous (0.9-inch wider at the hip point than that of the previous Type-S) base cushion provides added hip room. Vertical travel of the standard power seat mechanism has been increased (there's 0.1-inch more "up" travel and 0.4-inch more "down" travel). All driver's seat power adjustments are included in Keyless Memory Link, a system that stores a pair of user profiles linked to the two key fobs that come with the TL.

For proper support of people of varying sizes and shapes, the TL driver's seat has a two-way power adjustable lumbar support mechanism. Unlike lumbar supports that sometimes have a sharp-edged feel, the TL system has a smooth shape that matches the spinal curvature to provide solid support for the torso and pelvis. The stroke of the lumbar support unit has been increased 0.5-inch in the TL.

The front passenger seat is four-way power adjustable and has a fixed lumbar support. With their carefully engineered shape-complete with side bolstering-the outboard rear seats blend luxury with sporting support. Four-way front headrests are adjustable for height and tilt; the rear outboard headrests adjust vertically.


Cleanly classic analog instrumentation keeps the TL driver in tune with the vehicle. The black-faced, LED backlit meters are highly legible day or night and have a technical "3D" appearance. The progressive self-illuminating gauge package gives the car a "welcoming" feel. When the door is first opened, the instrument lighting comes to life, then brightens progressively to 100 percent when the key is put in the ignition. The illuminated instrument needles and enunciator lights come alive when the ignition is turned on, indicating that the car is ready to go. At the end of the drive, the instrument lighting dims progressively.

All the interior switches are illuminated to make them easy to find, including those on the steering wheel and all four doors. Blue LEDs in the overhead console cast a subtle ambient glow on the center console area and like all the meter lights, are controlled by a dimmer mounted on the left side of the instrument panel. Map/reading lights at all positions (not just in front) are bright and focused, to provide better illumination with less driver distraction. A master light switch is positioned in the overhead console for easy reach. The TL interior lights feature "theater dimming," which can be set by the driver to any of three rates via the Multi-Information Display (MID).


Relative to its predecessor, the TL has gained interior space in key areas. The cabin has over a cubic foot more volume, putting the TL solidly in the EPA Mid-Size category. More important, headroom has been increased front and rear; there's a half-inch more clearance in front, and 0.8-inch more in back. Front legroom has increased incrementally, and front shoulder room has been boosted by a substantial 2.2 inches-making it the best among the car's immediate competitors. Contoured front seatbacks open up an additional 1.2 inches of knee room for back seat passengers. Front and rear, the TL has a flat floor with ample foot room.


Careful attention to the trunk shape and layout allows it to carry two extra large and two medium hard suitcases, or clubs and duffel bags for four golfers. For longer items, a lockable rear-seat trunk pass-through can accommodate up to four sets of skis and poles.

Attention to detail accents the finish and functionality of the TL trunk. Designed as a total acoustic package, it's now completely lined throughout with all wiring concealed, and the rear parcel shelf speakers and navigation unit fully protected. Enclosed hinge mechanisms minimize the potential for damage to luggage and a standard cargo net with a total of ten possible anchor points helps to secure objects. The spare tire is located under a tri-folding cover in the trunk floor and has a foam insert that keeps the jack and tools from rattling. The trunk can be opened via a release mounted on the dash low and on the driver's left, remotely with the key fob, or with a manual release accessible through the lockable trunk pass through. There is also an anti-trap release inside near the latch. For security, the trunk main switch is located in the glove box, which can be locked to prevent access by valets. A valet key is provided that will allow a parking attendant to operate the ignition, but will not to open the glove box, trunk, or rear seat pass-through.


Comfort and convenience items are integrated throughout the handsome interior of the TL. There are slide-out cup holders in the front console and rear seat armrest that each handle two large drinks. There's a generously sized glove box, and the front doors have swing out rigid map pockets with removable sunglasses holders. Two covered storage areas are in the console immediately in front of the shifter; one holds four CD jewel cases, while the other has a rubber mat in the bottom and a 12-volt accessory socket. There's room for another 10 CDs or six DVD-A cases inside the main center console beneath the armrest. This 2-tier design has a leather covered sliding armrest (with more fore and aft travel than that of the old TL) and a flocked upper tray for cell phone storage. A removable coin holder is built in, as is a 12-volt accessory outlet. Rigid seat-back map pockets have a clean, elegant look. Overhead, you'll find a roof console that incorporates a universal garage door opener.


Substantial advances in fit and finish are evident in the TL interior. Upscale details include soft stitched passenger grab handles and concealed front seat belt D-rings, soft cloth headliner and roof pillar covers. Key interior accent panels are made of an aluminum alloy. Flush fits between the roof pillar linings and the headliner, flush interior door handle recesses and reduced panel gaps throughout the interior gives the TL interior a sleek and tailored appearance.

To ensure uniform fit and perfect seams, the perforated leather-trimmed seating is now sewn on automated machines. For a more integrated appearance, the TL uses a type of "slush molded" instrument panel covering that completely conceals the passenger-side SRS airbag. Almost everywhere you look, soft materials and satin finishes are used in places the driver or a passenger are likely to touch, including soft-touch interior door grab handles, padded door armrests, leather center console, leather fold-down rear armrest, and the leather wrapped steering wheel.


To keep the interior comfortable regardless of the weather outside, the TL has a dual-zone, dual-mode Acura Automatic Climate Control System. This system lets the driver and front passenger set the temperature to their individual liking, plus they can each choose the airflow mode they like. A pair of adjustable vents in the rear of the center console keeps the back seat area comfortable. Large, simple to use controls make the system straightforward to use, even on cars equipped with the available Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition (NAVI). With a full set of conventional button-type controls for the climate control system, it is no longer necessary to access some climate control adjustments through the NAVI on-screen menus.

3-D Solar Sensing

With its position-sensing ability, the NAVI system contributes to overall passenger comfort with 3D Solar Sensing. Based on its continuously updated vehicle position information, the NAVI system can determine the position of the sun relative to the driver and passenger. With this information, the Acura Automatic Climate Control System automatically adjusts the temperature and system airflow from side-to-side as needed to compensate for asymmetrical solar heating. NAVI-equipped cars also offer the convenience of voice operation for some climate control functions.


To accommodate a wide range of buyer tastes, the TL interior comes in a large array of colors. The perforated leather-trimmed seating is available in Parchment, Camel, Quartz and Ebony. Each of the available eight exterior colors is offered with at least two (and up to four) interior color choices. Accent features vary based on the interior color. Parchment and Camel interiors have aluminum-alloy panels with rich wood grain accents. Quartz and Ebony interiors have aluminum-alloy panels with carbon fiber-look accents.


A keyless entry system called Keyless Memory Link gives the TL a higher level of luxury and convenience by providing access to expanded memory functions. Two keyless entry fobs are provided with the TL; each fob can be linked to one of two driver profiles. As in the previous TL, the key fob used to unlock the car triggers a specific driver profile and the system automatically positions the power driver's seat and outside mirrors to match that profile. Keyless Memory Link goes several steps farther, however, by including in the driver profile the climate control system and all seven of the customizable memory functions that are available via the MID (Multi-Info Display).

A number of functions are available via the key fob when outside the car. A single push of the "unlock" button will unlock only the driver's door; a second push unlocks all the doors. After unlocking all doors, holding down the "unlock" button down for more than one second will open the windows and moonroof to ventilate the car's interior.

Still more functions are available with the key in the lock on the driver's door. A single twist unlocks only the driver's door; a second twist unlocks all the doors. If you hold the key in the unlock position for more than one second, the moonroof and all the windows begin to open; return the key to the normal position and the windows stop. When leaving the car, holding the key in the "lock" position will close the moonroof and all windows.

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