2005 Acura TL Interior - Part 2


In keeping with the Acura approach of offering premium audio as standard equipment, the TL is outfitted with a cutting edge sound system that takes advantage of the latest advancement in sound reproduction. This sophisticated Acura/ELS™ Premium 8-speaker Surround Sound System with DVD-Audio, DTS™ and CD 6-disc Changer, AM/FM Tuner and Dolby™ Cassette uses six different audio channels to create an accurate surround sound listening environment. There are speakers on the top of the instrument panel near the A-pillars, plus a center-fill speaker in the middle of the dash top. The two front doors each have a large driver, and in the rear parcel shelf there are two more drivers flanking an 8-inch subwoofer. In addition to the standard bass, treble, fader and balance controls, the system features additional subwoofer and center channel level controls.

Program material comes from a wide variety of sources. There is an AM/FM tuner coupled with a powered, active glass antenna in the rear window to pull in weaker signals. XM Satellite Radio is integrated into the receiver to provide more than 100 channels (more than half are commercial-free) of digital program material with near-CD quality sound. A text display in the center panel (or on the NAVI screen of cars so equipped) provides information text on the program material.

In addition, the TL system plays conventional cassettes. CDs, DTS discs and DVD audio discs can be loaded into the 6-disc, in-dash changer. DVD audio is the next step in audio reproduction technology. Many new releases are being issued in this format, and many older recordings are being re-mastered and reissued to take advantage of the superior sound that DVD audio offers. With over 500 times higher resolution than CD audio, DVD audio delivers smoother, fuller and far more accurate sound through six discrete channels. The TL is the first North American standard production application of this technology. (The system will not play DVD movies, DVD-V, DVD-R/RW, MP3 or WMA media.)

To make this capable system simple to operate, steering wheel mounted controls of key functions are positioned within fingertip reach. On cars equipped with the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition, select audio system functions can be accomplished via voice commands.


XM Satellite Radio lets TL drivers listen to over 100 digital channels, many of which are commercial-free, with near CD-quality sound.

XM's broadcast signal is beamed from two earth-station antennas at the XM studios in Washington D.C. to two broadcast satellites positioned more than 22,000 miles above the earth in geostationary orbit. The beams from these two broadcast satellites, one located over the west coast, one over the east coast, combine to span the entire continental U.S. while remaining stationary with respect to the land below. Over 1,000 ground antennas, or repeaters, keep the signal strong in challenging locales such as urban areas with tall buildings. The result is that while many commercial radio stations can only be picked up within a 40 or 50-mile radius from their source, XM radio can be heard throughout the 48 continental states. That means no channel switching on long trips and minimal loss of signal.

Programming includes 70 music channels, 30 channels devoted to sports, talk, children's programming and entertainment, and one premium channel, which is available for an additional fee. Currently, 36 stations are free of commercial interruptions. Stations that do have commercials are limited to about six minutes per hour, far less than on commercial, non-satellite programming.

XM hardware is embedded in the car's music system. When XM is being played, a display shows the current station, song title or artist's name. XM Satellite Radio service is priced at $9.99 per month. A complimentary three-month subscription to the XM Satellite Radio service is included with purchase of the TL and customers are able to continue the service or cancel any time after.


To keep the driver informed of the car's status and to access multiple electronic functions the TL has a standard Multi-Information Display (MID). This LED backlit screen and its push-button controls are located on the right side of the instrument cluster. The MID is the interface for odometer/trip odometer, outside temperature, trip computer, custom memory settings, HandsFreeLink™ and vehicle warnings. Maintenance Minder alerts are also presented via the MID (see the Engine section of this press kit for more detail on Maintenance Minder).

The MID makes it easy to customize the function of many electronic features in the TL. Custom settings include automatic door locking/unlocking, door unlock selection, keyless acknowledgement feedback, security re-lock timer, headlight auto-off timer and interior light dimming timer. To make it easy to track warnings (such as "Check fuel cap," or Maintenance Minder warnings) displayed on the MID, a memory feature lets you scroll through previous warnings for review.


To improve driving safety and convenience, the TL has a standard HandsFreeLink system that is designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with Hands-Free capabilities (sold separately). Bluetooth is a radio frequency-based cable replacement technology that lets portable devices like PDAs, mobile phones, laptops and other devices communicate wirelessly. The TL system is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones that have the Hands Free Profile (HFP). After an initial, one-time "pairing" process, the TL communicates wirelessly and securely with the driver's cell phone when it's within about 30 feet of the car. The phone needs to be on, but can be stowed in a pocket, briefcase or purse-anywhere inside the vehicle cabin.

HandsFreeLink allows the driver to send or receive calls without taking his or her hands from the steering wheel. When a call comes in, the number of the incoming caller is displayed on the Multi-Information Display (MID) located in the instrument cluster. The phone ring tone is also played over the audio system. If the driver chooses to answer the call, a press of the steering wheel-mounted "Talk" button mutes the audio system and the incoming caller is heard over the audio system speakers. A microphone located in the overhead console picks up the driver's voice. Algorithms built into the HandsFreeLink system cancel "echo effect" and reduce background noise to improve the transmission quality of the driver's speech.

To send a call hands free, the driver can dial the number by voice, again using fingertip controls mounted on the steering wheel to activate the system. The driver also can store up to 50 frequently called numbers with voice tags in the system's memory. Up to six different compatible mobile phones can be paired with the HandsFreeLink system.


The TL is available with the latest generation of the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition. With a large 8-inch display, a huge database covering over seven million points of interest, plus expanded voice-recognition capabilities (compared to the systems in other Acura models), this system is exceptionally capable and easy to use.

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition features summary

  • 8-inch screen is the largest ever offered in an Acura vehicle (same size as offered in the TSX)
  • Fast route calculation and search speed (two times faster than the previous TL)
  • Voice recognition function with 293 total commands minimizes the need for keyboard entry
  • Over seven million points of interest are stored on a DVD
  • Business and recreation directory of virtually the entire continental United States complete with phone numbers
  • Directory categories include restaurants (searchable by type of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, recreation areas and much more
  • Split-screen mode features a simultaneous "map view" and selective "3-D" route visualization
  • Audio system automatically mutes for turn-by-turn voice guidance in either male or female voice (which can be turned off at any time)
  • User selectable Day/Night screen modes
  • Destination memory recalls current trip addresses, previous destinations and user address books
  • Voice Recognition operates key audio and climate control functions
  • Make calls to on-screen points of interest with HandsFreeLink

Based on positioning data from up to 12 orbiting Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition system tracks the vehicle's position. If the antenna (located on the rear parcel shelf) is blocked by a tunnel, tall building or parking garage, an internal gyroscopic system and a speed sensor track the location of the vehicle to keep the mapping information current and reliable until satellite reception is restored. A DVD is located in the trunk in the system's ECU. Updated DVD data discs are available on an annual basis on-line or by calling a toll-free number.

The system can be controlled by voice, the conveniently positioned touch-screen display or via joystick positioned just below the display. For voice operation, the driver simply presses the "Talk" button on the steering wheel and says any of a number of preset command phrases. The system responds to a total of 293 phrases that are accessible through a variety of sub-menus.

When the "Talk" button is pressed, the audio system is automatically muted, and a microphone located in the overhead console receives the command. Commands can be given in plain English, like "Find nearest hospital," "Display gas stations," or "Find nearest Chinese restaurant." You can choose to display points of interest on the map (like restaurants, or grocery stores, for example), or have the system provide turn-by-turn navigation-all by voice. The extensive point of interest (POI) database includes phone numbers, which can be called easily using the HandsFreeLink system and the driver's cell phone. Once a POI has been selected, pushing the "send" button on the touch screen dials the number.

The Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition can also be controlled via the touch screen by choosing menu options or spelling out a word (e.g., an address, business name or place) using a touch-sensitive on-screen keypad. The display's matte finish reduces glare and smudging, and the keypad can be set to alphabetical or a common typewriter style layout. Alternately, the joystick can be used to highlight menu options or to highlight specific letters on the keypad to complete a word.


Acura dealers offer a range of interior accessories for the TL, including, shift knobs for Sequential SportShift automatic and 6-speed manual transmission, all-season mats, trunk tray, cigar lighter, and ashtray. A special steering wheel with a distinctive shape and stitching is also offered as part of the A-SPEC package, (See the Body & Chassis section for information on other available accessories.)

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