Journey of the FCX
The World's Leading Fuel Cell Vehicle that is Evolving into the Car Of the Future
September 6 Prototype fuel cell vehicles FCX-V1 (hydrogen-fueled)
and FCX-V2 (equipped with methanol reformer) introduced
September 28
Prototype fuel cell vehicle FCX-V3 introduced
(high-pressure hydrogen tank and ultra-capacitor)
February 13 Prototype fuel cell vehicle FCX-V3 equipped with a Honda FC Stack
demonstrated at the California Fuel Cell Partnership
July 4
Public road testing of the FCX-V3 begins in Japan
July 11
Experiments with hydrogen production and fueling of fuel cell vehicles
begin at Honda R&D Americas in California
September 4 Prototype fuel cell vehicle FCX-V4 with extended range introduced
March 1
Honda FCX-V4 receives certification from Japan's Ministry of
Land, Infrastructure and Transport
March 3
Honda FCX-V4 serves as pace car at the Los Angeles Marathon
July 25
Honda FCX becomes first fuel cell vehicle certified by the U.S. EPA
and California Air Resources Board (CARB) for commercial use
October 8
Agreement concluded with the City of Los Angeles to make it the
first U.S. customer for a fuel cell car
October 22
Introduction of the FCX prototype scheduled for same year
November 22
FCX receives certification from Japan's Ministry of
Land, Infrastructure and Transport
December 2
FCX fuel cell vehicles delivered on the same day in the U.S. and Japan
July 15
Honda becomes the world's first automaker
to supply a fuel cell vehicle to a private corporation
September 25
FCX vehicle delivered to mayor of the City of San Francisco
October 2
Experiments begin in the U.S. with a hydrogen Home Energy Station,
which provides fuel supply and cogeneration functions
October 10
Release of the Honda FC Stack, capable of power generation
at temperatures as low as -20°C
February 26
Public road testing in Hokkaido, Japan, of Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX,
proving the vehicle's cold start and driving capabilities
April 5
Test drives of the Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX begin on
Yakushima Island (Japan) as part of the Yakushima Zero Emission Project
April 18
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX test drives begin in the U.S. on public roads
July 29
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX receives U.S. government certification
for commercial use
November 16
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX leased to the State of New York,
world's first delivery of fuel cell vehicles to a cold-weather region
December 17
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX receives certification for use on
public roads from Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
January 27
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX delivered to Hokkaido Prefecture
June 17
Honda FCX becomes Japan's first fuel cell vehicle to receive
Motor Vehicle Type certification from Japan's Ministry of
Land, Infrastructure and Transport
June 30
Honda delivers FCX fuel cell vehicle to world's first individual customer:
Jon and Sandy Spallino of Redondo Beach, California.
The Spallinos sign a two-year Honda FCX lease
Honda demonstrates next-generation FCX Concept vehicle featuring
a new compact, high-output V Flow FC Stack
January 2-3
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX serves as lead car at
83rd Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden Relay Race (4th consecutive year)
March 8
17-year-old American actress Q'orianka Kilcher leases
Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle
November 14
The Honda FCX Clarity - featuring advanced driving performance,
comfort and environmental performance in an elegant, futuristic design -
makes its world debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.
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