2009 Honda Fit - Packaging


Large on the inside and small on the outside, the Fit is now even more spacious and easy to use

The new Fit is even more spacious and easy to use. Determined to make further improvements on the center tank layout, Honda engineers sought to further optimize the Fit's packaging. Extensive design innovations like a repositioned windshield and roof peak, as well as narrower front pillars, enhance its spaciousness and utility. Length and track width are slightly increased but the new Fit maintains its compact exterior footprint.

• More spacious interior NEW
• More rear headroom and legroom NEW
• Lower tailgate opening for easier loading and unloading NEW
• Small car maneuverability
• Wide-opening rear doors NEW


*Figures in parentheses indicate change from current model. All figures rounded to nearest tenth of an inch.


A spacious interior

Thanks to its wider track width and repositioned side windows, the new Fit achieves a new level of interior spaciousness. The front and rear door linings feature sculpted, concave surfaces to provide extra room for arms and shoulders. The backs of the front seats are specially shaped and the roof peak is positioned directly above the heads of the rear passengers to ensure plenty of head, knee and foot room for rear-seat passengers. Increased window area and a forward-shifted windshield create an expansive feeling of interior spaciousness and relaxing comfort.


Wide-opening rear doors

The rear doors can be opened as wide as 80°, ensuring easy access for both passengers and cargo. The doors also feature two intermediate stop positions, making it easier to get in and out if you are parked near another vehicle or other obstacle.

Lower tailgate opening for easy loading and unloading

The tailgate opening has been positioned just 24 inches above the ground to make it easier to load and unload heavy items.



Expansive, easy-access cargo door

Further refined center tank layout and improved packaging efficiency provide for a class-leading cargo volume of 20.6 cubic feet.


A distinctive small-car feel

The new Fit's longer wheelbase is offset by a wider track and maximized turning angle of the front wheels to achieve a minimum curb-to-curb turning diameter of 34.4 feet. The vehicle's tapered front corners help further reduce the practical minimum turning radius. The result: outstanding maneuverability.

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