Honda S2000 Receives Enhanced Power and Improved Handling for 2004
Larger displacement engine and revised suspension tuning highlight changes

The S2000 receives a comprehensive list of improvements for 2004 to deliver a more potent and sporting driving experience. Improvements for 2004 include a larger displacement engine with a broader power band, a re-tuned suspension, and enhancements to the body and interior designed to make the roadster an even more compelling track car and a more refined daily driver.

The 2004 S2000 accelerates with increased authority and more pull through corners with an enhanced powerband that comes on sooner and stronger. High performance power now starts as soon as 3,000 rpm compared to 6,000 rpm on the 2003 model. New suspension tuning with larger wheels and tires improves cornering grip while minimizing the effects of road disturbances. Compared to the 2003 model, the 2004 S2000 benefits from the following major enhancements:

Larger displacement 2.2-liter engine (+0.2 liters) produces 240 horsepower @ 7800 rpm (+0 @ -500) and 162 lb.-ft. of torque @ 6500 (+8 @ -1000)

  • 17-inch wheels and tires replace 16-inch wheels and tires
  • Body rigidity increased
  • Revised suspension tuning
  • Revised transmission gear ratios with carbon synchronizers on all forward gears
  • Bolder front and rear exterior styling with triple-beam lens designs
  • Freshened interior design with improved shoulder and elbow room
  • New options including XM Satellite Radio and headrest speakers

On the street, the 2004 S2000 transmits less ride harshness. Inside, shoulder and elbow room increases by as much as 20 mm and a redesigned center console has been added with two cupholders (previously just one) and a one-touch sliding lid.

The 2004 S2000 engine has been re-designed and displacement increased by 0.2 liters through lengthening the stroke of piston travel. Improvements to the engine result in available torque and horsepower increasing between 4- and 10-percent among 1000 rpm and 8000 rpm, which helps to boost acceleration at lower rpms. The 2.2-liter, DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder engine meets California's strict Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards. Honda's innovative VTEC advanced variable valve-timing system, operates the S2000 engine's 16 valves (4 per cylinder) in both intake and exhaust modes. This system is compact and tailored to the high-output, high-rpm operating characteristics of the S2000 engine.

A revised 6-speed, manual transmission provides lower gear ratios on gears one through five. To further magnify the increase in engine performance, gears one through four are 4 percent lower than the 2003 model. The transmission is a compact design and features a direct shift linkage with class-leading feel and short throws. New carbon synchronizers on gears one through six replace brass double and triple cone synchronizers on select gears to enhance the already excellent "direct feel" associated with the S2000 transmission.

A Torsen limited-slip differential smoothly delivers power to the rear wheels, regardless of traction conditions. The S2000 engine and transmission are capable of accelerating the S2000 from 0-60 mph in less than six seconds.

Honda's racing experience is also evident in the S2000's responsive handling. The chassis has an ideal 50/50 weight distribution, and the body and frame are a hybrid monocoque-frame structure that forms a highly rigid platform for the S2000's in-wheel double wishbone suspension system,and plays an important role in helping the S2000 achieve its high level of safety protection. Body rigidity has been increased for 2004 by strengthening key points on the body and chassis. The power steering system is a highly responsive, electrically assisted type, which has been retuned for 2004 to provide enhanced feedback to the driver.

Larger front 215/45 and rear 245/40 R-rated tires are mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels (up from 16"), while large11-inch brake discs (vented in front) provide excellent stopping power and brake feel. New brake pad material improves the pedal feel and resists fading in high performance driving. An anti-lock braking system is standard.

The exterior styling of the S2000's body is bolder with new front and rear styling elements. The nose has slightly improved aerodynamics for 2004 that involve a new front bumper design and re-positioned air intakes. The front headlights employ a new triple beam design and the rear taillights are also a new triple beam design with LED illumination.

The S2000's exterior features the following colors: Berlina Black, Grand Prix White, New Formula Red, Sebring Silver Metallic, Silverstone Metallic, Rio Yellow Pearl and Suzuka Blue Metallic. Sebring Silver Metallic and Silverstone Metallic exterior colors are available with either a new red and black interior color combination or an all black interior.

The interior is modern and designed with the driver's needs in mind. A redesigned center console contains two cupholders (previously just one) and a new storage tray and overall enhanced functionality. The radio features XM Satellite Radio capability with an optional dealer-installed receiver and antenna. Dealer-installed headrest speakers (two per seat) are also now available.

For 2004, controls such as the steering, brakes and clutch, operate with a new level of precision and have an even more direct feel. The aluminum leather-wrapped shift knob, F1-inspired digital instrument display and separate engine-start button serve as a reminder of the racing heritage of the S2000.

2004 S2000 Improvements

  • Performance and Handling
    • Dynamic acceleration increased
    • Transmission shifter direct feel increased
    • High-speed stability enhanced
    • At-the-limit performance increased with more gradual fall-off
    • Sensitivity to disturbances decreased (less bump steer)
    • Steering feedback enhanced
    • Brake pedal dynamic feel enhanced
  • Comfort and Convenience
    • Interior space increased
    • Interior storage functionality increased
    • Optional audio features added - XM Satellite Radio capability
    • Dealer-installed speaker headrests (2 per seat) available
2004 Honda S2000 vs. 2003 Honda S2000

2004 2003 Change/Notes
Engine 2.2-liter DOHC VTEC 2.0-liter DOHC VTEC + 0.2 liters, attributable to engine stroke change
Horsepower 240 @ 7800 rpm 240 @ 8300 rpm + 0 hp @ -500 rpm, same peak horsepower with overall powerband characteristics strengthened 4% to 10% between 1000 -8000 rpm
Torque (lbs.-ft.) 162 @ 6500 rpm 153 @ 7500 rpm +8 lb.-ft. @ -1000 rpm with improved powerband characteristics strengthened between 4% and 10% between 1000-8000 rpm. Max torque increases 5%.
Rev Limit (fuel cutoff) 8200 9000 Piston travel configuration decreases rpm limit by 9% because of piston speed increase.
Compression Ratio 11.1:1 11.0:1 +0.1:1
Transmission Ratios Reconfigured
Gears 1-4 = 4% lower for performance
Gear 5 = 1% lower
Gear 6 = 2% higher
Wheels (inches) Front: 17x7
Rear: 17x8.5
Front: 16x6.5
Rear: 16x7.5
Front: + 1x0.5 (new wheel design)
Rear: + 1x1 (new wheel design)
Tires Front: P215/45R17
Rear: P245/40R17
Front: P205/55R16
Rear: P225/50R16
Larger contact patch
Springs New Tuning
Front: Increased spring rate 6.7%
Rear: Decreased spring rate 10%
Shock Absorbers New Tuning
Tuned for new suspension settings
Stabilizer Bars (mm) Front: 26.5x t4.5
Rear: 25.4 x t4.5
Front: 26.5x t4.5
Rear: 27.2 x t4.5
Front: Same
Rear: -1.8 x 0
Ride Height Non-Load: 5.1
Full-Load: 4.2
Non-Load: 5.1
Full-Load: 4.2
No Change
Aerodynamics Enhanced
5% improvement in Cd from new front bumper design
Body Rigidity Enhanced
Rigidity increased
Front Bumper Redesigned
New bumper and new triple-beam headlight designs
Rear Bumper Redesigned
New bumper, triple beam LED taillights and oval exhaust tips designs
Weight (lbs.) 2835 2811 +24, attributable to body rigidity increase and new wheels and tires
Exterior Dimensions
L x W x H (inches)
162.2 x 68.9 x 50.0 162.2 x 68.9 x 50.0 0 x 0 x 0
Shoulder Room (in.) 50.7 48.4 +0.9 (20mm)
Interior Console Redesigned
New console with two cupholders (+1) and storage compartment, new trim pieces
Interior Doors Redesigned
Increased elbow and shoulder room, new speaker enclosures
Steering Wheel Minor update
New Honda emblem
Radio New design
XM Satellite Radio available and optional headrest speakers added
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