2005 Honda Odyssey Interior - Part 1
Sophisticated Luxury Meets Comfort and Functionality


The Honda Odyssey interior meets the needs of a new generation of minivan customers who want more prestige, safety, utility and comfort from their vehicle. The conceptual model for the interior was based on a space age jet with an emphasis on technology, style and first class accommodations. Up front, the cockpit is modern, purposeful and easy to use with intelligent integration of the controls into the sculpted instrument panel. The second row, inspired by futuristic business jet seating accommodations, focuses attention on individual comfort with flexibility, adjustability and personal space as key priorities. The third row provides maximum adaptability to people or cargo with child-friendly features such as storage areas, pockets and drink holders.

With the all-new 2005 Odyssey, Honda has set a new benchmark for minivan interiors. For starters, industry-leading standard safety items have been added to all trim levels that now include all of Honda's "Safety for Everyone" interior equipment - front side airbags with an Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) and side curtain airbag protection (with rollover sensors) in all three rows. Next, the innovative interior made famous by the previous generation Odyssey now has even more ingenious features and improvements: the 3rd Row Magic Seat® now has a 60/40 split and one-motion operation, a Stowable 2nd Row Plus One Seat™ delivers eight occupant seating on EX and EX with Leather models, and new in-floor storage area between the first and second rows now provides even greater utility. Finally, an ultra-luxurious and high-tech Touring model has been added that brings the sophistication and luxury level of the Odyssey into a class of its own. More than just evolution, the 2005 Odyssey interior has re-defined itself in the same way it originally made a name for itself. While some minivans focus attention on just one or a few interior features, the attention to detail on the Odyssey focuses on every interior feature.

New Interior Features


  • Three-Row Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensors on All Models

Comfort and Convenience

  • Stowable 2nd Row PlusOne Seat™ for 8-Occupant Seating (EX and EX with Leather)
  • 2nd-Row Power Windows
  • Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control (Touring)
  • Instrument Panel-Mounted Shifter
  • Conversation Mirror with Sunglasses Holder (EX and above)
  • 15 Beverage Holders (17 Touring)
  • Power Tailgate (Touring)
  • Power Adjustable Pedals (Touring)
  • Standard CD Player (LX) and 6-disc CD Changer (EX and above)
  • Moonroof with Power Slide and Tilt (EX with Leather and Touring)
  • Integrated 2nd Row Sunshades (EX and above)
  • 115 V Power Outlet (Touring)
  • 8-Way Driver Memory Seat (Touring)
  • Removable 2nd-Row Center Console (Touring)
  • Ambient Front Console Lighting (EX and above)


  • Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition and Integrated Rearview Camera (available EX with Leather and Touring)
  • Honda DVD Entertainment System™ with 9-inch display, integrated remote control, and wireless headsets w/personal surround sound (available EX with Leather and Touring)
  • Smart Maintenance Service Reminder
  • Multi Information Display (Touring)
  • Premium Audio System (Touring)

Storage and Utility

  • Stowable 2nd Row PlusOne™ Seat turns into activity tray when not in use (EX and EX with Leather)
  • One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd Row Magic Seat®
  • In-Floor Storage with Lazy Suzan (EX and above)
  • Adjustable 2nd-Row Seats with Armrests and Walk-In Feature

Odyssey Interior Versus the Competition

. 2005 Honda Odyssey 2004 Honda Odyssey 2004 Toyota Sienna 2005 Chrysler Town & Country 2004 Nissan Quest
Seating Capacity 8 (Available) 7 8 (Available) 7 7
Interior Volume cu. ft. 209.8** 208.8 221.0 193.7 244.6*
Cargo Volumes cu. ft. 38.4/91.1/147.4 38.1/86.6/146.1 43.6/94.5/148.9 26.4/54.2/165.6 32.7/88.2/148.7
Passenger Volume cu. ft 171.4** 170.7 177.4 167.3 211.9
Powered Sliding Doors Available Available Available Available Available
2nd Row Roll Down Windows Yes No Yes No No
Fold Down 3rd Row Seat 60/40 Split Yes 60/40 Split Available Yes
Legroom 1st/2nd/3rd 40.8/39.6/41.1 40.8 /40.0/ 38.1 42.9/39.6/39.5 40.6/36.6/37.5 41.6/41.2/41.1
Navigation System Available Available Available Available Available
DVD Entertainment Screen Size 9.0 inches 7.0 inches 7.0 inches 7.0 inches 7.0 inches
Integrated DVD Available Available Available Available Available

* Calculated with fold flat second row seats in down position
** LX and EX models

Three Row Seating with Available Room for Eight

While some minivan manufacturers have modified interior designs to meet the Odyssey's class leading functionality, the Odyssey has moved its already class-leading functionality into new territory for the minivan - function with real style and sophistication. On every trim level - the LX, EX, EX with Leather and Touring - the seats now provide unique features that deliver new levels of luxury and value for each trim level. As before, cloth seats are standard on the LX and EX, while leather seating, logically, is standard on the EX with Leather and on the new Touring model. Notable new features for 2005 include eight-passenger seating (exclusively on the EX and EX with Leather) achieved with the addition of a Stowable 2nd Row PlusOne™ Seat that fits between the two full-size second row captains chairs.

First Row Seats

For 2005, the front row captains chairs are taller (+50mm) and slightly wider (+5mm) with a cushion shape designed to accommodate more body types and improve driving posture. The design focuses on posture stabilization during acceleration and cruising (longitudinal), and during cornering (lateral) with the ultimate goal of reducing fatigue. Vibration reduction features have been built into the spring designs and frames of the new seats. The driver's seat has a vertical adjustment of 40mm (1.5 inches). A new feature on leather-equipped models is the addition of adjustable armrests.

Second Row Seats

Honda engineers closely studied the patterns of how people use the second row of a minivan. They discovered that the second row is primarily used for people, and that comfort was the highest priority. The Odyssey's second row uses two full-size captain's chairs that offer superior comfort and versatility. The captains seats are removable, slide fore and aft up to 10 inches, feature movable armrests on both sides and can be positioned together (bench style), separately with nothing in between, or separate with a PlusOne seat in between for eight passenger seating (exclusive to EX and EX with Leather models). The sliding feature helps accommodate people and cargo with the ability to move seats to accommodate the situation. Also, the second row seats use the slide-forward feature to allow easier ingress and egress to the third row (similar to a coupe front seat). This results in a large walk through area when the second row doors are open.

Stowable 2nd-Row PlusOne™ Seat

Honda Odyssey EX and EX with Leather models come equipped with a Stowable 2nd-Row PlusOne™ Seat that can accommodate an eighth occupant. The seat, which features three point seatbelts, fits between the two captains chairs in the second row and attaches to mounting points in the floor. The seat can recline, and when not in use the seat folds forward and can double as a console complete with a storage tray. If a center walk-through is desired, the seat can be removed and stowed in the In-Floor Storage area between the first and second rows.

One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd Row Magic Seat®

The Honda Magic Seat® set the standard for third row functionality in the minivan world. Adding to this popular innovation for 2005, the third row now features a 60/40 split and offers top of the class convenience for operation thanks to a new one-motion operation that makes access to the cargo area simple and fast. A lever located on the back of the seat (one for each of the 60/40 split sections) allows for easy fold down operation. To put the seat down, the user simply pulls on the lever to release the latch and the seat retracts down into its in-floor storage area - in one smooth motion - creating a flat floor cargo area. The system is spring loaded and is designed to be operated with just one hand. Additionally, the headrests do not have to be removed to put the seat down, and the hinges for the seat are designed to lie flat making it easier to stack items like plywood panels.

Beverage Holders

The 2005 Odyssey provides 17 beverage holders on Touring models and 15 beverage holders on LX, EX and EX with Leather models. The two additional beverage holders on the Touring model are located in the exclusive second row storage console. The beverage holders can accommodate drink sizes large and small, and bottle holders are integrated into door panels on the first and second rows.

Driving Position

The driving position of the 2005 Odyssey has been optimized for comfort and performance. For comfort, the steering tilt range has increased to 1.6 inches (+0.4 inches). For a stronger performance feel, the top of the steering wheel angle (relative to the driver) has been positioned 4.5 degrees closer to vertical. For both comfort and performance, lateral displacement of the steering wheel has been eliminated so the center of the steering wheel lines up directly with the centerline of the driver and the steering wheel is 22mm closer to the driver.

Versatile Cargo and Storage Areas

From a packaging and flexibility standpoint, the minivan is still the ultimate vehicle for maximum interior volume and space utilization. The Odyssey makes the most of this superior trait and goes even further for 2005.

New features:

  • In-Floor Storage (with available Lazy Susan)
  • Additional Upper Glove Compartment in instrument panel
  • Door pockets with bottle holders on front and rear side doors
  • Large capacity seat pockets on first and second rows (EX and above)

The Odyssey can comfortably accommodate seven people and the EX and EX with Leather models have room for eight. When both cargo and people require room, the Odyssey offers enhanced adaptability to fit a wide range of needs simultaneously. For example, the addition of the One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd Row Magic Seat™ lends flexibility for hauling snowboards, skis, bikes and other long/bulky objects while still maintaining room for one to eight passengers (eight passenger capability when equipped with the Stowable 2nd Row PlusOne Seat).

2005 Odyssey Interior Space*
Area Cubic Feet
Total Interior Volume 209.8
Total Passenger Volume 171.4
Maximum Cargo Volume (-2nd, -3rd rows) 147.4
Minimum Cargo Volume (behind 3rd Row) 38.4

*LX and EX Models

The seats can be configured to accommodate people and cargo in dozens of ways. For maximum cargo storage, second row seats can be removed and third row seats retracted for a cargo volume of 147.4 cu. ft. This also provides a flat surface that can accommodate 4x8 sheets of building materials. Note that the second row and third row seat backs can fold forward to accommodate up to 4x8-size objects on top of the seats, a handy feature if seat removal is not practical at the moment. The cargo area behind the third row seats provides 38.4 cu. ft. of storage.

In-Floor Storage (with Lazy Susan)

Standard all models is a new circular in-floor storage area located between the front and second rows. On EX and above models, a Lazy Susan circular storage area is included that rotates when one of the two top access doors are open, and locks in place when the access doors are shut. The storage area is an ideal place to keep not-often-used objects that need quick access ranging from paper towels to toys to beverages, etc. Accessory thermal packs are available to maintain warm and cool temperatures when storing beverages. With the Lazy Susan removed, the in-floor storage area provides enough space to store the Stowable 2nd-Row PlusOne Seat™ (on the EX and EX with Leather models) when not in use.

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