Exclusive Designs Make 135 HP Engine Unbeatable

Designed using the most innovative engine technology ever, Honda Marine's new BF135 outboard features cutting edge advantages unmatched in the industry. A Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC), Lean Burn Feedback system, Dual Stage Induction and three-way cooling system make this engine unbeatable.

The 135-hp outboard is based on the same engines that power the Honda Accord, CR-V and Element. The powerful, compact, 2.4 liter DOHC technique creates more valve lift to pull in more air for increased horsepower. Unlike traditional DOHCs, the low maintenance design eliminates trial and error adjusting of the valves.

Honda's exclusive Lean Burn Feedback system regulates the air-fuel mix according to speed and load to maximize efficiency throughout the rpm range. A top-mounted Linear Air Fuel sensor works with the engine command system to help achieve 25% less fuel consumption than the company's 130-hp engine in mid-range cruising.

The Dual Stage Induction system, another Honda exclusive, maximizes combustion efficiency. At low speeds, air passes through a long intake runner, increasing low-end torque. Above 3,500 rpm, shutter valves open to shorten the air's path, boosting air flow for higher horsepower.

Three separate cooling circuits on the BF135 create the leading power per displacement in its class. The cylinder block and head are cooled separately, allowing performance with durability.

Honda's 135-hp engine uses Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection that delivers a precise amount of air/fuel to each cylinder under all operating speeds and conditions. The boater will experience quick starts, instant throttle response, powerful performance and low fuel consumption.

Honda Marine's clean, quiet 4-stroke engines range from 2 hp to 225 hp. The company offers 3-star, 2008 CARB compliant products in every horsepower category.

The suggested retail prices of Honda's BF135 outboard start at $12,335 for 20" shaft and $12,865 for 25" shaft standard rotation models.

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