Technologically Advanced 150 HP Engine Hits the Market

The marine industry has just entered a new era of outboard engine technology. Honda Marine recently introduced the BF150 4-stroke outboard featuring Dual Overhead Cam technology (DOHC), Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC), a three-way cooling system and a Lean Burn Feedback system. With these attributes, the BF150 outboard exhibits a personality that puts it far ahead of the competition.

The powerful, 2.4 liter engine is based on Honda's CR-V, Accord and Element automotive power plants. Honda's unique DOHC design creates more valve lift, so the engine can breathe and produce higher horsepower. The roller rocker arms generate less friction and wear, which results in longer engine life. Unlike traditional DOHCs, this new design is easy to adjust and contains no complex bucket shims.

Honda's VTEC uses two cam lobe profiles to operate the intake valves. It delivers both strong torque at low rpms and high rpm horsepower to maximize power and fuel economy. The Dual Stage Induction system is a Honda exclusive that maximizes combustion efficiency. Other 4-stroke engines use long manifolds to deliver air to the cylinder head, but Honda's unique system uses a plenum chamber with twin butterfly valves for both low-speed drivability and high-speed performance.

Honda's Lean Burn Feedback system adjusts the air-fuel mix according to speed and load to maximize efficiency throughout the rpm range. It also delivers greater fuel economy when cruising or trolling. Only Honda uses this innovative technology. A top-mounted Linear Air Fuel sensor works with the engine command system, helping the BF150 achieve an impressive fuel consumption rate.

First for outboards is the three-way cooling system for the cylinder block, cylinder head and exhaust manifold. The cylinder block and head are cooled separately, allowing performance with durability and more power per displacement.

The BF150 also features a 2.14:1 gear ratio, a belt-driven 40 amp alternator that offers the best charging in its class, an engine oil cooler, stainless steel components and 4-front Corrosion Protection System to create an extremely reliable power plant.

Honda Marine offers a broad line of clean, quiet, efficient 4-stroke outboards. The company offers 3-star, 2008 CARB compliant products in every horsepower category.

The suggested retail prices of Honda's BF150 4-stroke outboard are $13,935 for 20" shaft and $14,065 for 25" shaft standard rotation models.

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