Honda HRX Lawnmower Press Kit - Honda Product Development

Honda Product Development:
A History of Innovation

At Honda, dreams are what drive us. Since manufacturing our first auxiliary engine-equipped bicycle in 1948, we have continued to deliver innovative products that contribute to the mobility of individuals and society.

Since its inception, Honda has sought to provide true satisfaction to people around the world. We constantly strive to deliver the products and services that customers want most in each locality. To ensure that we meet these local needs, we don't just set up our own sales networks: we have structured our operations so that many of our products are not only manufactured but also developed in the regions where they will actually be used. The result is more than 110 manufacturing facilities in 31 countries around the world, producing the motorcycles, cars, and other power products that bring us into contact with an incredible 12 million customers each year.

With the debut of the H-type general-purpose engine in 1953, Honda took the first step into the power equipment world. This was followed rapidly by the completion of the Aio manufacturing facility at the Hamamatsu factory. Honda's first tiller, the F150, incorporated the new engine as an integral unit and the company employed mass production techniques to reduce the unit cost. The F-150 received considerable attention within the agricultural industry. In 1961 power products export began.

From 1964-1966 Honda introduced water pumps, rotary tillers and generators to its Power Equipment line. By the end of 1966, more than 500,000 units had been sold; by 1969, 1 million units had been produced. By mid 2003, the number grew to 15 million units.

In 1971 Honda introduced the 75 TWIN and 45 TWIN outboard motors. In 1977 the G150 and G200 engines were introduced in the ME series. With this ME series, Power Products sales expanded rapidly. In 1978 Honda's first lawnmower, the HR21, went into production. In 1980 Honda rounded out its Power Products line by adding its first snow thrower. In 2003, American Honda's three divisions, which consist of Honda Power Equipment, Honda Marine and Honda Engines, sold more than 1.6 million units in the US. This is a 17 percent increase in sales over fiscal year 2002.

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