Racing Timeline

Honda's Hurricane 600 makes its debut the same year the AMA introduces the 600 SuperSport class. The two make a perfect match, with Honda's newly minted 600 sweeping to victory in all nine races. DOUG POLEN, the 600 SuperSport class' first champion, wins seven races in a row to set the class' first record.


For the second year in a row, the Hurricane blows away the competition, with six race wins of the nine-race series. Honda's 600 wins the prestigious season-opener at Daytona, and finishes the year second overall.


Honda's second-generation 600--the CBR600F2--is successful right from the start. Just like its progenitor, the Hurricane, the F2 wins all nine races in the series. MIGUEL DUHAMEL takes his first 600 SuperSport class championship with seven victories, including five in a row.


The F2 scores the third class championship for Honda, with eight race wins in the nine-race 600 SuperSport class series. TOM KIPP wins the title, and three races.


In the final year of its production, Honda's CBR600F2 shows it can still deliver the goods, as MIKE SMITH rides his F2 to six race wins out of the series 10 events. Smith finishes the series second overall.


History repeats itself once again. A new-generation Honda middleweight, this time the CBR600F3, totally dominates the 600 SuperSport class and wins the championship, Honda's fourth. Keeping with tradition, F3s sweep the series, winning all 11 races. Class champ MIGUEL DUHAMEL scores his second 600 title with Honda, and starts his historic streak of 10 straight race wins, with eight in a row in 1995 alone.


MIGUEL DUHAMEL and his F3 continue to dominate the 600 SuperSport class. He storms to his second consecutive title, the fourth in his career, and Honda's fifth. F3 pilots fly to eight race wins in the 11-race series, with Duhamel winning six.


Unstoppable--that's MIGUEL DUHAMEL and his F3 Honda. He takes his third consecutive class championship, and the CBR600's sixth. Duhamel also steers his 600 to five wins, including three consecutive victories.


Honda's all-new, aluminum-frame CBR600F4 keeps the tradition alive: New CBR600, total domination, class championship. Honda-sponsored Erion Racing's NICKY HAYDEN wins five races on his way to the 600 SuperSport class title. F4 riders win six of the 12 races, including Daytona.


Erion Racing sweeps to the class championship for the second year in a row. This time KURTIS ROBERTS is in the saddle, and he makes it a nail-biter, winning the title with a pass in the last corner of the last lap of the last race in the series. Riders on F4s win four races. Roberts' championship is the eighth for Honda's CBR600s--they've won more than half the titles since the class was introduced.


Riding Honda's new fuel-injected CBR600F4i, MIGUEL DUHAMEL pads his reputation as the winningest 600 SuperSport rider in history. The duo take three race victories, pushing Duhamel's total in the class to 40, and he finishes the season third in points.


Following a year's hiatus, Team Honda returns to the class with MIGUEL DUHAMEL, the winningest 600 Supersport rider ever, mounted on the incredible 2003 Honda CBR600RR, a bike designed for the track using current MotoGP technology.

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