2014 Honda Pioneer Accessories


Hard Roof 4P 4P $399.95
Fabric Mid Panel 4P, Rear Panel 2P 4P/2P $119.95
Fabric Roof/Rear Panel 4P 4P $424.95
Fabric Roof/Rear Panel (camo) 4P 4P $449.95
Bimini Top 2P 4P/2P $99.95
Bimini Top 4P 4P $149.95
Hard Top 2P for 4P 4P $299.95
Fabric Roof/Rear Panel (rear section) 4P, 4P/2P $229.95

2-Piece Folding Poly Windscreen (optical grade) 4P/2P $429.95
2-Piece Folding Poly Windscreen (hard coat) 4P/2P $529.95
Full Poly Windscreen (optical grade) 4P/2P $324.95
Full Poly Windscreen (hard coat) 4P/2P $449.95
Half Wind Deflector 4P/2P $184.95
Windshield Wiper Kit 4P/2P $199.95
Glass Windshield 4P/2P $599.95

Fabric Front Door 4P/2P 4P/2P $524.95
Fabric Rear Doors 4P 4P $524.95
Fabric Rear Doors (camo) 4P 4P $554.95
Fabric Front Doors (camo) 4P/2P 4P/2P $554.95
Hard Front Doors 2P 4P/2P $1,599.95

Fabric Rear Panel 4P 4P $109.95
Hard Rear Panel (2P on 4P) 4P $599.95
Hard Rear Panel 4P 4P $599.95

Winch Kit (Winch) 4P/2P TBD
(Mount Bracket) 4P/2P TBD
Draw Bar 4P/2P $44.95
Hitch Ball 4P/2P $14.95
Receiver Hitch Plug 4P/2P $14.95
Snow Plow (Blade) 4P/2P TBD
(Push Tubes) 4P/2P TBD
(Mount Bracket) 4P/2P TBD

Aluminum a-arm guards (FR) 4P/2P $149.95
Aluminum a-arm guards (RR) 4P/2P $149.95
Full storage cover 4P 4P $199.95
Front Seat/Headrest Covers (camo) 4P/2P 4P/2P $149.95
Rubber floor mats 2P 4P/2P $134.95
Rear Bumper 4P/2P $224.95
Front Bumper 4P/2P $399.95
Poly Bed Liner 4P 4P $229.95
Rubber floor mats 4P 4P $74.95
Rear Seat Covers (camo) 4P 4P $119.95
Rubber Bed Mat 4P 4P $149.95

Bed Extender 4P/2P $249.95
Cab frame cargo bag 4P/2P $69.95
Rear Cab Net 4P/2P $99.95

Horn Kit 4P/2P $79.95
Back up Alarm 4P/2P $89.95
Heater 4P/2P $549.95
Aux lights 4P/2P $299.95
Light Bar 4P/2P $369.95
Switch Plate/Volt Meter/Wire Harness 4P/2P $299.95
38mm Light Bar Clamp (Fits lower bumper tubes) 4P/2P $29.95
44mm Light Bar Clamp (Fits top bumper tube) 4P/2P $29.95
41mm Light Bar Clamp (Fits cab frame) 4P/2P $29.95
Accessory Sub Harness for Horn Kit, Back Up Alarm 4P/2P $5.95

Rearview Mirror 4P/2P $89.95
Flag with mount 4P/2P $79.95
Graphics Kit Red 4P/2P $99.95
Graphics Kit Olive 4P/2P $99.95
Graphics Kit Camo 4P/2P $99.95
Side Mirror Kit (door mount) 2P/4P 4P/2P $99.95

Hard Roof 2P 2P $299.95
Fabric Roof/Rear Panel 2P 2P $249.95
Storage cover 2P 2P $149.95
Fabric Roof/Panel (camo) 2P 2P $274.95
Bed mat (2P) 2P $154.95
HardRear Panel 2P 2P $599.95

For a complete list of Pioneer accessory items along with product descriptions, part numbers and pricing, please log onto powersports.honda.com/accessories.aspx.

Because we're so confident in the quality of each of our Honda Genuine Accessories, we're pleased to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. One-year warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer.

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